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The Healthy Living Manifesto

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The Healthy Living Manifesto

How to create a perfect workout playlist in 6 Steps

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workout playlist

Music and exercise go hand in hand. You can compare them to bread and butter: although they can exist separately, when put together, are the perfect combination.

Good songs, chosen with care, have the ability to completely transform a dull workout into something inspiring, amusing or at least tolerable.

"It's very interesting to associate songs workout because the person will associate something pleasant to physical activity, which, in a way, help to motivate her," says Samia Hallage, clinical and sports psychologist.

But, assemble a list of ideal music to accompany your workout is not so simple. However, a few tips can help. Check out:

1. Gather your favorite songs

Make a selection with about 30 songs you love with passion! Gender, age and time of each track can vary greatly.

"The rhythm of the music can follow the pace of the workout, but it is essential that they be songs that people like that are handpicked for her," says Samia Hallage.

Of course you should give preference to the most electrifying music, but the fact is that they should not all be "similar", ie, the same musical style. Because, a few minutes of your workout will ask for a "pause" and it is interesting that the sound you are listening Follow these moments.

The most important is you choose songs that "move" with you: they can make you want to get up and dance, scream of a mountain or even want to cry. It is essential that they make you "feel"!

2. Change the speed of the music

A cool tip that you can do at the time of selection, is to change the speed of some songs, so you have a different experience of what is already accustomed to hear it. The novelty has the power to renew your mind! And there are free programs available for download that allow you to change the BPM of what you want to hear.

3. Select songs beyond the training time

The total time of your playlist should not be less than the duration of your workout. So, make a rough note: I chose the 30 songs totaling how many minutes?

If felt necessary, add new tracks to the playlist! After all, everything depends on how long you plan to train and / or running. But, the key is that the duration of the playlist is longer than the duration of their activity.

That's because you can always jump straight to their range of cooling when you're ready to quit. But you will not want to cut the length of your workout just because you ran out of music, right? And motivation (in this case, music) never hurts!

4. Consider the lyrics

Not only the rhythm or music genre that matters. The lyrics can influence your mood. Songs that talk about things that you identify yourself have the power to serve as an incentive during the year.

5. Choose a song for heating

Select a song especially for start activities, ie to heat. It should have a moderate pace: but quieter than the nearby tracks to come fast enough to encourage you,.

That goes especially for you do not forget the need to warm your body.

6. Select a song to end

Book one or two quieter songs - but not stopped completely! - For the final minutes of your workout. It is essential that the letter and its rhythms are to your liking. It will help you regain your breath, while that encourage resume activities the next day.

workout playlist

For each activity a type of music more appropriate

It is essential that the person ride your workout playlist according to your tastes. But some guidelines can help! Below you can see what kind of music best suits a particular activity:

Cycling, jogging and walking: a poll by sports psychologist Costas Karageorghis, of Brunel University in London, pointed out that for this type of activity indicated are songs that have a time between 125-140 bpm.

Quick Race: the same survey found that the more intense the workout, the more should be stirred music. In this case, the recommendation is a dance music with 130-140 bpm.

Weight lifting: research indicates that most are more suitable rhythmic music and accelerated, with percussion or with a strong and well-cadenced down.

Now you have good tips and can caprichar in choosing songs for your workout playlist! After all, if well selected, they will motivate you more and more and let your physical activity more enjoyable.

Foods containing phytoestrogens

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The phytoestrogens are a number of plant compounds that give the body effects similar to those provided estrogen, decreasing the risk of some cancers and protecting you against osteoporosis. Today Another Medicine will give you information on what are the foods that contain phytoestrogens so you can include them in your daily menu.

Nuts and seeds

These foods are a great source of phytoestrogens . Flax and other seeds contain large amounts of this compound and also find phytoestrogens also in sesame seeds, in pistachios, sunflower seeds in in the chestnuts , almonds, barley, brown rice, nuts, among others.


The soybean is another great source of phytoestrogens , you also find that their derivatives such as tofu and soy milk also contain this compound. You'll find phytoestrogens in large quantities in lentils, beans, chickpeas and peas.

Fruits and vegetables

Some of the fruits and vegetables you consume daily are a high source of phytoestrogens . Among them you will find the dates dried, dried apricots and prunes. We also find fresh fruit like peaches, pomegranates, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. As for vegetables, phytoestrogens are present in pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, fennel and onions.

Fruits and vegetables

Some of the fruits and vegetables you consume daily are a high source of phytoestrogens . Among them you will find the dates dried, dried apricots and prunes. We also find fresh fruit like peaches, pomegranates, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. As for vegetables, phytoestrogens are present in pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, fennel and onions.

You see, Mother Nature is very wise and gives us phytoestrogens in different types of vegetables and fruits so that we can prevent certain diseases such as cancer, bone disorders such as osteoporosis and vascular disease because they decrease the presence of bad cholesterol or LDL, to have a better quality of life.

Tell us Do you do foods containing phytoestrogens usually? Do you know other than those mentioned in this article?  

Slimming tea feiyan

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You probably do not sound very feiyan known tea, a caffeine-free tea that is made ​​by combining green tea, lotus leaf, cassia seed and loofah. The medicinal uses of tea feiyan are many, the most famous slimming property.

Tea feiyan

As you said, the tea feiyan we have caffeine, it is 100% herbal. Its name comes from an old Chinese story: a woman named Yan Zhao Fei was known as the woman with a perfect body and her slender figure is attributed to the power of this tea.

This tea does not have any chemicals and is safe to consume regularly, as they have no known side effects. However, it is advisable not to consume pregnant women and young children.

Slimming tea feiyan

It is believed that tea feiyan is ideal for those who are looking to lose weight, since it is an appetite suppressant, boosts metabolism and helps the body eliminate fat more easily. It also helps us to reduce swelling and detoxify the body, which not only allows us to lose weight but also helps in the overall health of the body.

Ideally consume daily for 45 days minimum and three months maximum, losing one to two sizes per month without any other effort-not diet or exercise, if we combine the three will get better results. It should start with one cup a day and drink up to three.

Other medicinal uses of tea feiyan

Given the ingredients in this tea, we can deduce that among the medicinal uses of tea feiyan is its ability to reduce cholesterol levels is sangre.TambiƩn some cancers because it improves the immune system.

Lotus leaves are known to cure diseases of the spleen and liver , prevent bleeding, relieve muscle spasms and regulate the functioning of diarrhea or short-bowel prevents constipation. Meanwhile, cassia seeds are excellent tonic for the liver, kidney and intestine. The loofah channels strengthens the lungs, liver and stomach, improves blood circulation and treats congestion and chest pain.

Did you know the medicinal uses of tea feiyan ? Have you ever tried this tea? Remember that if you're going to use for its slimming properties should be aware that if you diet and exercise you will lose weight much more than just drinking tea.

5 healthy foods to make in the microwave

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Many people use the microwave to heat the food, coffee and little else. Others use it for cooking, but it has the mistaken idea that microwave food is not healthy for our body. Today we teach you how to lead a healthy food using microwaves for those not very good cooks or who, for one reason or another do not have an oven to cook.

Microwave meals: prepared and homemade

By general rule, foods that are already prepared-usually-frozen and heated in the microwave are not healthy. They usually have a low nutritional value, high in salt and often do not include many of the most healthy foods-such as vegetables.

However, we can choose some healthy and quick options Homemade allowing us to have a healthy meal, without wasting much time in cooking. For example, choose some vegetables, rice, pasta or eggs. The vegetables can be frozen-whether you buy the facts or cuts and peles own yours and freeze.

5 healthy foods to make in the microwave

Vegetables : Cooking microwave allows us to lose fewer nutrients than if boiled, besides being easier and faster. Ideally, we add a tablespoon of water and cover the vegetables.

Fish : One of the healthiest foods and has the advantage that it cooks quickly in the microwave: we just seasoning to taste, put in a bag to microwave and cook for a couple of minutes. The same can be used for soy burgers.

Scrambled Eggs : An easy and healthy way to add protein to your meals option. Put in a bowl a little oil, then the eggs and stir. Cook for a minute, stir, cook for 45 seconds, season to taste-test some cheese-and ready.

Fast Pope : Potatoes are extremely healthy-calories, fiber and vitamin C-, so if you want to cook them in the microwave you should prick several times with a fork and put in the microwave for eight minutes. The same can be done with the potatoes.

Healthy Snack : To make a healthy snack can toast nuts and shredded coconut in the microwave faster than in the oven and left with more flavor. Just a couple of minutes and you'll need a great to add to your cereal, yogurt or salads snack.

You think it's possible to have a healthy diet using microwaves ? For my part, I consider it a good option for those days you do not have time and need salvation, provided they seek healthy options.

How to grow hair

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Many women (and some men too) suffer because their hair does not grow enough or in time they want. While the average monthly growth is nearly an inch and a half cases of problems in this area are multiplying daily.

It not only has to do with how we treat the hair but also with domestic issues such as nutrition or stress. Learn how to grow hair in the following article.

Home Remedies for hair grow faster

A hair healthy is more likely to grow up fast. To make your hair look healthy, you can try any of these home remedies for both apply directly or to consume:

  • Olive oil with rosemary: both ingredients let your hair grow easily and effectively. Just put half a cup of oil with two tablespoons of rosemary in the microwave and heat two minutes. Let stand covered for three days and then applied with gentle massage on the scalp between the shampoo and conditioner.

  • Green tea : many are the properties of this tea for the body, including the health that provides the most hair to grow healthier and stronger. Consume green tea many times a day you want it and enjoy all its benefits.

  • Natural oils and nuts: for the hair to grow stronger is necessary that our body receives vitamins B and E, which are found in vegetable oils ( olive , corn, sunflower) and avocados, also in vegetables and nuts. Add them to your diet from now.

  • Shampoo egg: the yolk of egg provides many properties for hair. To create this mixture you must apply 3 buds in her hair, let it act for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Then, wash as usual.
  • Water boiled potatoes : wash the hair with water resulting from the boiling of the potatoes you're eating. Leave on for a few minutes, rinse and wash.
  • Nettle Treatment: is one of the remedies to grow the most effective hair world. Helps nourish and grow hair faster. Mix in the shampoo you use regularly.

  • Aloe vera and honey removes pulp and several stalks of aloe vera pulp or extracts. Mix two tablespoons of honey and apply on the scalp. Leave 20 minutes and wash normally.

  • Onion : chop an onion and add it to shampoo medium. Let stand 15 days and use it as usual. This will grow faster and while brighter.
  • Protein filled breakfast: start your day with a mixture of one tablespoon of soy lecithin, wheat germ, honey and yeast with a pot of yogurt.

  • Tomato with olive oil and aloe vera: a tomato mixture with a splash of olive oil and pulp of a stalk of aloe and applied to the hair roots. Leave it as long as possible and rinse.
  • Olive oil with milk : drink, preferably on an empty stomach a glass of milk with a teaspoon of warm olive oil every day.
  • Grapes Oil : Gently rub the scalp with a little oil, grape seed oil. Let stand and lava. It is very good for any of the other home remedies for hair complement.
  • Bananas: due to its vitamin E content helps the hair grow fatter. Steps on a banana and add a tablespoon of honey. Apply at the root of the hair, leave on and rinse.

Tips on how to grow hair faster

Beyond use or test the most effective home remedies, it is good to take consciousness of some habit changes in your life. Takes note of the following tips to make your hair grow faster.

  • Change your diet : the diet greatly influences how you see the hair, so eat more foods full of nutrients and vitamins is a good choice. Do not forget to add to your diet fruits, vegetables, lean meats and fish.

  • Increases blood flow: for the hair to grow more blood must be "haunted" by the area. To do this, gently massage the roots between 5 and 10 minutes per day. You can do this while you are applying or removing shampoo and conditioner when you're watching TV or before bedtime.

  • Consume more vitamin B: you can find it in oily fish, nuts, legumes.
  • Eat more vitamin E present in the avocado, apple, banana and vegetable oils.
  • Cut the ends with the crescent moon: it may be a myth or not, the fact is that this will give strength to your hair and encourage it to grow more in the next moon period.
  • Avoid hot water: when you bathe or wash your hair, do not use nearly boiling water, but opts for warm or lukewarm. To make the last rinse, always running cold water to close the hair follicles.
  • Flips hair to comb : always from root to tip. The brush bristles should be broad. This will increase the blood supply to your head, which results in hair growth.
  • Treat your hair : not too tight bind, do not use dryer planches or many times a week, not too aggressive with ringworm products, do not touch when dry.

How to detect thyroid problems in time

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Early diagnosis is vital in any disease. In the case of the thyroid gland abnormalities, they are very easy to identify the symptoms, at least during the early stages.

They can be associated with other diseases or disorders of the body, so it is necessary to be attentive to what is happening in our body. Without going to become paranoid, but giving it the importance it represents. Learn more about this in the next article.

Things to know about thyroid

Before offering the symptoms, it is good to learn a little about this disease called "thyroid". Basically produces alterations in the body, which at first are small but are maintained over time. Any thyroid dysfunction implies a change in our body, the organs suffer and this can lead to health consequences in general.

Thyroid problems are more common in women and symptoms manifest in the menstrual cycle irregularity or infertility. determinant is also heredity. If someone in the family has had this problem, chances are that we will suffer too.

Good to know that the thyroid regulates metabolism and is related to all body functions both are physical and intellectual. The main function of this gland is to produce two hormones (whose names are T3 and T4), which are the "fuel" for all cells to function properly.

There are two types of thyroid disorders. They are known as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The first is the most common and causes the organs to work more slowly, is characterized by weight gain. The second has more obvious symptoms and can cause a rapid decline in kilos without dieting or exercise. A related problem is both goiter, which occurs when the gland grows too large in size and increases the size of the neck.

What are the symptoms of thyroid disease?

Since this is a failure in one gland and unbalanced hormone production, there may be many different symptoms. Some of them are:

  • Frequent diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin
  • Intolerance to cold hands and feet
  • Depression and low self-esteem
  • Thick skin
  • Fatigue or chronic fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Poor concentration and memory
  • Weak hair
  • Imbalances in the menstrual cycle
  • Heavy periods
  • High cholesterol
  • Immune system problems
  • Sleep loss and insomnia
  • Increase or decrease in weight
  • Swollen neck (goiter) 
  • Ovulatory lower quality
  • Apathy
  • Social isolation
  • Appearance of benign nodules  
Goiter is the enlargement of the thyroid gland. Externally reflected by a tumor in the anterior inferior part of the neck just below the larynx.

How can detect this disease early?

It is first necessary to consider the symptoms listed above, if they are recurrent or more than one at a time. 's both very important to know the family history (if parents, uncles or grandparents had thyroid problems) . Then, the query is performed with the specialist doctor, which evaluates the patient feeling the neck (this is where many will detect with hyper-or hypothyroidism hypo). Meanwhile, a blood test to determine the values ​​of TSH and hormone thyroid.

Once all this is complete, you may receive an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, take medication or have any medical practice (which may be surgery to remove the goiter or yogo intake to "burn" the gland problems).

In most cases, the patient should consume a medication for life , so you can recover your lifestyle and most importantly, reduce and control the symptoms. It is also important to learn to live with this disease if treated on time, it will not prevent continue their activities normally.

Experts say that with a simple pill daily is sufficient to regulate the work of the thyroid gland to produce hormones in amounts necessary. pathology As an easy detection and a simple treatment, the important thing is to recognize it in time to avoid more invasive surgeries or other practices. Ideally "arrive before" that the disease will spread and compromise the quality of life of patients.

9 Natural Fat Burner

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Currently, one of the biggest public health problems is obesity . Many people around the world suffer, causing all of them to look for alternatives to help them lose weight.

Natural Fat Burner

One of the most popular resources is exercise , but food is also of crucial importance to achieve this objective. Thus, our health care is something very important . To know that, then we present 9 natural fat burners that are mostly in the food we consume daily.

1. Green tea

Undoubtedly, this drink is one of the most popular fat burners today . Like the black, the green tea helps us control our weight by accelerating the metabolism, reducing the ability to absorb fat from food and accelerating their elimination. On average, green tea burns between 35 and 43% more fat than similar other beverages .

2. Dairy

Thanks to calcium , some dairy inhibit the production of cortisol, a hormone that causes the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. For example, skim milk quickly breaks down fat , so many suggest that drinking it helps you lose 70% more weight than those who do not consume any dairy.

3. Citrus

Natural Fat Burner

Foods with a high content of vitamin C accelerate the metabolism, resulting in a greater amount of fat removed . In addition, citrus fruits are recommended for conditions such as anemia, colds, or to control blood cholesterol.

4. Chiles

Recent studies have shown that the capsaicin , a chemical compound found in this food and helps reduce the amount of fat that stays in the body . Also, high levels of vitamin C that have chilies accelerate metabolism, allowing you to burn fat faster.

5. Lecithin

It is a type of lipid or fatty acid that directly affects the metabolism of fats, causing these burn faster . Also for memory, mood and appetite regulation. The products in which we find are tofu and soy .

6. Cafe

Natural Fat Burner

The coffee is a thermogenic that helps remove fats from speeding up the metabolism and burning calories . However, care must be taken when consuming because it increases blood pressure and promotes the emergence of other problems such as tachycardia.

7. Egg

Consume two eggs during breakfast blocks fat absorption . Moreover, the egg causes a feeling of satiety, which often prevent commas.

8. Red meat

Red meat stimulates fat burning by proteins containing force our body to use fat reserves for energy. This is because the L-carnitine and accelerate metabolism, also activates blood circulation .

9. Cold water

Natural Fat Burner

Incredibly, some studies suggest that drinking cold water or ice helps accelerate the body's metabolic process , thus eliminating many more calories and fat. It is best to consume at least 500 ml of this liquid every day.

How to detect cancer

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The Spanish Cancer Association says on its website the following symptoms to help in the early detection of potential cancer.

1 A lump or nodule, a wound or ulcer that does not heal.

Most lumps or nodules are usually benign manifestations, but in all cases should rule out malignancy.

Consult your doctor if you notice the appearance of a nodule or lump in any part of the body, a skin wound or sore in the lining of the mouth that does not heal. 

A nodule may be indicative of: breast cancer, cancer testis, lymphatic cancer ...

2 Persistent pain over time.

The pain is usually a nonspecific symptom that accompanies many diseases. In most cases it is a sharp pain (pain for a period longer or shorter) that disappears either spontaneously or with symptomatic treatment (analgesics).
Consult your doctor if the pain persists for days or does not yield to the usual values ​​for its origin and discard the existence of a tumor treatment.

3 spot or mole that changes shape, size and / or color.

Consult your doctor if a spot or mole is irregular, grows, changes color and / or painful or itchy, and may indicate that the lesion is malignizando (melanoma).
The appearance of a melanoma or a malignant lesion is defined by these five rules:

A. Asymmetry 
B. Jagged edges 
C. Color varied 
D. Diameter greater than 6 mm. 
E. Evolution (recent changes in appearance)

4 bleeding or abnormal bleeding.

Consult your doctor if bleeding to study its origin appears. If the bleeding persists and not a diagnosis and appropriate treatment is performed may result in a more or less severe anemia according to the duration and amount of blood loss.

Learn to spot the bleeding:

- Vaginal bleeding (menorrhagia). It is manifested by bleeding between periods or after sex. In a menopausal woman any bleeding should be evaluated by a gynecologist. 

, urinary bleeding. It is manifested by the appearance of blood in the urine. Most often it is due to a bladder infection and in this case transferred with antibiotic treatment in a few days, but if it persists, it is important to conduct studies to determine the source of bleeding. 

gut-bleeding (rectal bleeding). It can be seen as red blood when bleeding is near the anus, or mixed with feces resulting black bowel movements when ascending or transverse colon.

May cough and / or hoarseness.

Consult your doctor if you have hoarseness for more than two weeks and does not yield to symptomatic treatment. It should be carefully studied by the otolaryngologist. Also if you are a smoker and has a cough or previously had it and this becomes more intense.

6 Changes in urinary or bowel habits.

Consult your doctor if:

- New symptoms that did not exist as decreased force of stream when urinating, itching, urination at night. In most cases it may be a benign lesion but is necessary to make a diagnosis as soon as possible. 

- having modification in bowel habits (going from constipation to diarrhea and vice versa), alternating them appear narrower stools or sensation of incomplete evacuation.

7 Weight loss unjustified.

Consult your doctor if you lose weight despite maintaining the same eating habits and without increasing physical activity. Especially if this process is accompanied by pain, cough, bleeding, etc..

How to have a perfect body? Ten recommendations

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Do you feel happy with your body? What would you like to change? According to the book "The Three Pillars of Happiness', many people are looking for the ideal body not only to get better benefits but for what it means for our culture (self-control, success and acceptance, etc.).

There are limits to each agency and this makes many people come into psychological conflict. In addition, the rewards obtained at the end often are not as attractive as expected. In fact, serious consequences may occur during the search of the ideal body weight.

Therefore, Specialized Nutrition experts group offer you 10 tips that will be very helpful:

1. Choose a method appropriate to your person. You must consider your current body type, weight, body fat, inherited family history, physical activity, food preferences and current health condition.

2. Treatment should include the following: that every day you see better, you feel better each day and is easy to carry.

3. The goals should not be based solely on the weight. Shall be based on health, measures and the percentage of fat.

4. Small changes achieved great results. Remember, you better step it last and not get tired trot.

5. Set short, medium and long goals. Short goals you will see changes in the first month and usually should include kilos and centimeters. The medium should include improved health and harmony in the body. The long-term goals should include permanence and continuous improvement.

6. 's very important to take into account genetic , since it covers half of your expectations. Complexion not change as the proportion, ie, if you have shorter legs than the trunk or the neck is very thick and short.

7. Consistency is the cornerstone. Remember what Gandhi said: "The joy is in the struggle, the effort, the suffering of the fighting and not in the victory itself."

8. Choose appropriate treatment, serious and scientific . Your health goes through.

9. The more you move away from the ideal body, with effort and dedication, you'll see faster changes.

10. With only an hour to devote to your body, you will see amazing results once you identify exactly what you have to do.

How to quit smoking?

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Quitting smoking is a process of several steps:

  • Precontemplation. Intend to quit in the future.
  • Contemplation. Think of quitting in the next six months, but doubt your ability to get it.
  • Preparation. It's thought a plan of action to stop the snuff next month. In fact, you are trying to smoke less.
  • Action. It has completely stopped smoking in the past six months.
  • Maintenance. You no longer have to make much effort to avoid relapse. This period ranges from six months to five years after cessation of use.
  • Relapse. Most ex-smokers has fallen ever. Relapse involves not fail! The greatest danger is never try.
  • Completion. Urge to smoke disappears and does not fear a relapse.

The key is wanting to stop smoking, but have made ​​previous unsuccessful attempts. These tips will help you achieve this: 

  • Set a quit date in the next 15 days.
  • Write a list of reasons to leave the snuff.
  • List the cigarettes smoked per day during inertia.
  • Get rid of packs, lighters and ashtrays in your home, car and work.
  • Practice small writings on abstinence.
  • Find allies among family and friends.
  • Remember that symptoms (restlessness, anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances, poor concentration, increased appetite, craving to smoke ...), by intense they may be, are always passengers.
  • When the day chosen, snuff suppression must be total. Avoid situations that used to bring implicit a cigarette, eat plenty of fruit, exercise more, please have sugar free candy, surround yourself with people who can help.

Remember: Every hour that passes without smoking is an absolute success! Let your doctor help you.

How important is the physician's advice to quit smoking?

Medical advice is the simplest and most effective tool available with which it has to induce smokers to quit their habit and is perhaps one of the most valuable tools to drive from offices of doctors of all specialties and even dentists to influence decisively in a smoker to stop smoking.

It is vital to implement campaigns for physicians and dentists advise their patients about the dangers of smoking, so that guide and motivate them to quit smoking and help them in their steps or quit attempts.

How severe is then smoking in children and adolescents?

A high percentage of children in Colombia between 10 and 12 have tried the snuff and many even are regular smokers. Some factors that explain this early addiction are:

  • Social influences.
  • Family and friends smoking.
  • Favorable attitudes toward consumption.
  • Association of snuff and alcohol with pleasure.
  • Young people who reach age 15 without trying snuff are very likely to not be smoking in his life. 

Eight exercises that will make you lose weight and you can take anywhere

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When we think of exercising our first idea is to point us to a gym. No doubt that is the right to train or at least, in which we place more facilities. But it is not, even remotely, the only one. The gym has obvious limitations : not everyone has one close, you need to work around your schedule and, more importantly, it costs money that many can not afford.

Training at home is the most economical and convenient option to keep in shape , but it requires great discipline. It is difficult to train alongside the couch and TV, we have to have a strong will to carry out the necessary training, but if we can establish a routine, workout at home shortly and we will remove just money. Besides, all you can learn to do pull it off anywhere, whether in a hotel or holiday park opposite.

What do I need?

To train at home do not need much, just a large enough space to not take a lamp in front of any room in which we fit lying and where we can stretch our legs. To be comfortable enough with a mat and of course, proper clothing for exercise. The remaining equipment is optional.

To stay in shape is necessary to practice aerobic exercise , the one that will give us problems at home. We can run statically, without advancing, alternating lifting knees to chest and heels toward your buttocks. Another option is to buy an exercise bike, more accessible and useful to have at home machine. And there's always the option to go jogging.

Aerobic exercise should be done before and after muscle toning exercises. If these are easier to make at home. At best, and if we are serious about this exercise at home, we can buy some dumbbells, with which we can work all muscle groups.

How long should I train?

Consistency is crucial to any workout, but if we do it at home temptations are greater. To achieve success we must train at least three times per week , for a period of approximately one hour.

How should I train?

Before starting the exercise routine is necessary to run or bike for 10 minutes. After that you can follow the next set of exercises. perform them correctly for the simplest is watching videos online. On Youtube you can find hundreds of how-to videos for each of the exercises. These are the most basic, but eventually can be incorporating many others. Between exercises should not rest more than two minutes.

  • - Squats (3 sets / 10 reps)

Stand with feet straight about your shoulders, your hips start to lose as if you were to sit in a chair. Bending the knees thighs must become parallel to the floor. Over time you can do the exercise holding a weight with your arms in front of chest.

  • - Pushups (3 sets / 12 reps)

Supports separate hands shoulder width apart and aligned with these. Now lowers and raises the chest while keeping your legs straight. Despite being a year we have all practiced at school is harder than it looks. If you're starting with training you can "cheat" by supporting the knees, but try to do full pushups as you start to improve.

  • - Lunges (2 sets / 14 reps)

The strides are one of the most complete exercises and are present in all workout routines. Keep a semi-squat position with your hands on your hips, and alternately forward again and leg. The front leg should never exceed 90 degrees and the heel of the leg should not be moved off the ground. Over time you can do this exercise by holding a dumbbell in each hand.

  • - Funds Triceps (3 sets / 12 reps)

For this exercise the aid of a chair or bench is needed. You put your hands on it and alienate the feet to lower hip flexing elbows. The exercise can also be done by placing your feet on another bench or chair and the best triceps exercise but do it only when you look ready, because if you fall you can be quite a shock.

  • - Arm Lateral Raises (3 sets / 15 reps)

Stay straight and raise both arms with weight in each hand. If you do not have enough cufflinks bottles, bags or some other weight.

  • - Chin or rowing (2 sets / 15 reps)

The back is perhaps the hardest part of the body workout at home. Ideally you should have a bar on a door with which to do pullups, more complete training exercises for the back. If you have a bar, or you can not install it at home, you can do rowing exercises. For this it is best to use a bench or chair, supporting one knee and with the other arm lifting a weight do pushups. This is the simplest exercise of rowing, but there are many others that you can learn over time.

  • - Crunches (2 sets / 20 reps)

Although we have all learned to train the abdominal traditional form now known that the best form of exercise is making these bike. Lie on the floor on your back, place your hands behind your head, knees raised and mimics pedaling a bicycle. Touch your left knee with your right elbow, then right to left.

  • - Stretching

After completing the exercises, you can take in any order, it is advisable to incorporate another bout of aerobic exercise, a must if you want to lose weight, it is the most effective type of exercise to burn fat. After that do not forget to stretch. You'll end up more relaxed and avoid injury.

Diet for gaining weight

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A weight gain diet involves not eating all the delicacies that have banned when we lose weight, but to feed properly a menu rich in healthy fats and carbohydrates.

Diet to gain weight the healthy way

Some people are desperate to leave behind those extra pounds that appear after the holidays and family celebrations. On the other hand, very different indeed, there are those who need to gain weight, increase your body mass , then your metabolism and genetic conditions demarcate one too thin body .

If you do eat pasta, chocolates, sweets and lots of fat, of course will end up gaining weight , but this is a little healthy your body fat level rise, which would leave you exposed to diseases and ailments of all kinds, mention you give an unsightly appearance with love handles on the sides of the belly and legs wider.

So the first thing to address is health. An increased intake of healthy fats and carbohydrates is the way to go, but always following a meal plan, accompanying fruit and vegetables, and under the guidance of your doctor or nutritionist.

Also remember that exercise is essential for a changing body, especially now that want to gain weight and your bones, joints, tendons and muscles need to give more support to your new number on the scale.

How to gain weight

Be sure to include all the food groups in adequate amounts, following the procedures of healthy cooking and accompanying abundant fresh water at every meal. You must make five meals a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner, and can incorporate a sandwich more before bedtime.

While the recommendation varies from person to person, as a reference we tell you that the calorie intake for an adult and healthy body should be not less than the 2000 daily, and never higher than 2500, for a healthy diet.

For snacks and sandwiches, choose dairy products, juices, smoothies and nuts or granola bars or cereal. Eating fruits will also help you keep the high energy and well attentive, and will be a good decision. A good option is to eat a bowl of yogurt with nuts and dried fruits, such as bananas, pineapples or other.

Meals should be sufficient, not abundant, it is eating the right foods and regularized frequency which will help you gain weight, as opposed to just stuffing your face with greasy dishes in two meals. This is your opportunity to consume all kinds of delicacies: flour in breads and pastas, meats daily, potatoes and vegetables of all kinds, including sugars and sweets, always choosing healthy.

A healthy menu to fatten

Breakfast : Start with a dose of caffeine (tea, coffee), squeezed fruit juice, and bread with jam, butter or honey two to three slices. Bread can be common or brown, whichever you prefer.

Mid-morning : A simple but tasty snack, like coffee with toast, yogurt with dried fruit, cereal bars or two with fresh fruit juice.

Brunch : Integrate at least three food groups: starches (bread, pasta) with meat (beef, well cooked without too much fat) and vegetables or grains, in appropriate portions for each meal.

Snack : Again follow the health tips: yogurt with dried fruit, fresh fruit juices, coffee and toast or whatever you prefer, avoiding the empty calories of industrially processed treats and snacks.

Dinner : A hearty but light meal the better. White meat with salad leaves and dairy (cheese, for example, goes well with salads) accompanied by some bread, pasta in light sauces, soups or vegetables.

When to test for pregnancy

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If pregnancy is suspected, it is best to resolve by testing. To do this we must know the right time and procedure, and thus ensure a successful outcome.

How to perform a pregnancy test

At the time of our parents and grandparents, pregnancies were defined with blood tests and lab tests, if requested by the physician. Besides the usual suspects (lack of menstrual period, certain pains or conditions, loss of appetite, dizziness and nausea, among others), lab results took days of agonizing wait.

But all that changed with the advent of home pregnancy tests that allow you to know with some certainty and in minutes if you are pregnant or not.

The right time to do a pregnancy test

To have pregnancy must have a prior relationship, undeniably. It may be conventional or unconventional, and to have been carried out with methods of contraception whose effectiveness had failed on occasion. 
Based on the 4-7 days of that meeting, depending on the reproductive cycle of women and sperm motility, and can detect early signs of pregnancy , although it is recommended to test about 7-9 days after the date of sauteed menstruation. I mean, if you had to start menstruating day 1, the test takes between 8 and 10 for women with regular cycles, and by day 18 to 20 in women irregular cycle.

How do pregnancy test

As laboratory tests, pregnancy tests detect the hormone hCG or Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone in female fluids, whether blood or urine. Although the home tests can be flawed, the fact is that they have tremendous effectiveness. Some argue that only negative results are debatable, while positive are always truthful.

For safety, if you prefer, takes two to three home detection kits of different brands pregnancies. Read good prospects and directions, to corroborate what the signs of pregnancy are conclusive in each system. To acquire, make sure to read the expiry date of the product and, if you allow it, open the boxes at the store to confirm that they have all their accessories.

When I got home, it should hold urine before testing. Two or three hours of restraint will suffice: rent a movie or preparing food, do whatever you occupy your time to concentrate urine in your body and thus make more effective reading. It is best to perform the test in the morning , but you can do it anytime of the day (the first urine of the day you from having to wait concentration). Try to drink water normally, instead of consuming it in abundance only to produce urine, as this "lightens" the fluid and prevents a correct reading.

Finally, follow the instructions of each system to the letter. You can do different tests in different accumulations of urine, for a more effective result. Check if the system has control or indicator window, or only displays the results. If the package recommends waiting a minute from contact with urine, let stand for two or three for safety.

How To Make a Baby Girl

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If you want to get pregnant with a girl, there are small changes to make simple decisions for a woman to be the new family member.

Tips for getting conceive a girl

When pregnancy is planned, many couples also seek to plan the gender of your future little baby, although there is no scientific method to explain how.

There are many theories that try to help couples cope with this uncertainty, which explained from the diet that we consume to the temperature and the ideal position to achieve fertilization.

What to eat to have a baby girl

Feeding influence male body producing sperm X or Y (ie, girls or boys, respectively), but also collaborates with the metabolism of women, promoting the proper environment for the design of men or girls according to what we consume.

To help define the sex of the baby you can take the Baretta method . This indicates that the presence of minerals in higher or lower concentrations may tip the balance towards a more receptive X or Y sperm mother's body  to have a girl , the method indicates that you should limit sodium intake, and raising of magnesium and potassium.

Thus, to achieve a female pregnancy, for example, is recommended to consume dairy, apples, black beans, oatmeal potatoes, spinach, beets and green vegetables in general, while conceiving a male must consume legumes, nuts , fish, cold cuts and fresh fruit.

When achieve fertilization to have a baby girl

To increase the chances of having a girl , it is best to achieve fertilization through the Shettles method. This is to have sex three to five days before ovulation , and then refrain from doing so until well past that point. This is because the sperm responsible for achieving children are more nimble and quick, but also less durable, and perish long before the girls, who take their time to reach the egg and fertilize it. 
maintain intercourse before ovulation allows that at the same time, only "female" sperm have met their tour.

Temperature and correct position to have a girl

Temperature also helps to define in advance the sex of the baby . If you prefer a girl, man should take a hot shower, wear warmer clothes or spend a few hours sitting before sex. The heat benefits the X sperm responsible for training women, and give these sources of temperature before the event will be beneficial to have a girl.

Finally, the position during intercourse should facilitate a deep penetration not quite so prolong the journey of the sperm through the female genital tract. This will help the culmination of the life cycle of the Y sperm, leaving the end of the race to the X, doubling the chances of conceiving your little princess.

How do fruit diet

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Eating fruit is delightful, and also a very healthy choice. In these times of quick searches, more and more people join this proposal called 'express diets': the fruit diet.

What is the fruit diet?

It is a long and well washed skinless monotematizada power consumption of fresh fruit (if they were not organic), to give the body a shock of vitamins, minerals and fiber, plus healthy carbohydrates.

Follow these tips to make the fruit diet and eliminate those extra pounds, leaving your body full of energy and health in a few days.

Menu for fruit diet

The matter is simple and easy to do well. You should only eat fruits, variety and version you prefer, and delicious and free of unnecessary fats contributions accompaniments. For example, follow these guidelines:

Breakfast : juice squeezed citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit / grapefruit, tangerine, lemon), accompanied, if you prefer, a cup of coffee or tea (green or white, preferably) unsweetened, or half an apple.

In the mid-morning snack , eat a piece of fruit full of energy, like an avocado with lemon juice or a banana.

Lunch : Eat a small skinless chicken breast, cooked on the grill with salt and lemon juice, nonfat mozzarella if you want (so you get protein) and a great dessert a delicious grapefruit and kiwi.

Snack : Nothing like a juicy and tasty apple. It can be fresh or stewed, baked, unsweetened.

Dinner : Prepare a healthy bowl of skimmed milk (or nonfat yogurt) with fresh fruit, or a bowl of roasted fruits, and even tasty unsweetened fruit salad.

Warnings fruit diet

Before starting this or any diet, always consult your doctor and nutritionist to know that you're doing something appropriate to the particular characteristics of your body.

Since the fruit diet has minimal calorie intake is not recommended if you follow sports, or have a lifestyle or very active job. In fact, it should be made ​​for no more than five consecutive days, up to twice a year, and accompany it with sports but with mild exercise, like walking.

Finally, we suggest to avoid this diet if you have diseases or conditions, if you are pregnant or ending a medication regimen aggressive, because your body needs a complete power at the time.

Exercises to improve circulation

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Cramps, tingling, or cold hands and feet can be caused by poor circulation. Perform the following exercises to improve blood flow.

Benefits of good circulation

Encourage better blood circulation is only beneficial to our being. Adequate and copious irrigation to every cell of the body promotes nutrition, oxygen supply, and also assists in the elimination of waste and toxins. It brings vitality, energy, minimizes our predisposition to diseases, eliminate varicose veins and blemishes, and to improve our appearance.

Since they are all benefits, learn to enhance your circulation with simple exercises .

Exercise to improve circulation in the legs

To promote blood circulation in the feet and legs, try to lie down on the floor with arms stretched to the sides of the body. Flexing the knee, raise the right leg and make a 90 degree angle with your leg. Then draw circles in the air with your feet, five circles to one side to the other five. Slowly lower the leg and repeat with the left.

Then again raised his right leg, and this time takes the toes forward and backward ten times, lower the leg and repeat with the left.

Exercises to improve circulation in the buttocks

Still lying on the floor, turn around to be face down, resting his chin on the floor. Separate legs a bit and stretch your arms out to the sides, following the line of the shoulders. Inhale deeply as you raise your right leg, stretched, and hold the pose for a few seconds. Exhale as you lower to the floor and repeat with the left leg. 
Do it five times with each leg to enhance circulation to the buttocks, facilitate bowel functions, and also relieve menstrual cramps and pain.

Exercises for the movement of the pelvis and lower abdomen
Keep lying, face up and back with arms at your sides. With legs stretched apart and just inspires taut while you raise the right, leaving perpendicular to the floor. With your foot, draw small circles in the air, to either side. Exhale as you lower your leg and repeat with the left. Do about three to five times with each leg.

Exercises to improve the circulation of arms

Stand upright, with your back straight and comfortable, and right head looking forward. Separate legs to let the feet to the point of the hip. Breathing in, raise your arms to shoulder line to let well drawn, as if you were pushing the walls. Maintaining this position, turn the fingers in circular motions, without moving your elbows. Do it to one side and then the other, then repeat the stretch sideways. Exhale as you lower your arms and repeat alternating with the next exercise.

Exercise to improve circulation in the torso

Keeping back straight and arms at your sides posture begins to raise the right to leave it stretched toward the ceiling. Stretch it, like you want to touch it with the tips of his fingers. Gently move your hips toward the opposite side, feeling a comfortable stretch in the side of the back. Slowly return to starting position and repeat with your left arm.