How to create a perfect workout playlist in 6 Steps

workout playlist

Music and exercise go hand in hand. You can compare them to bread and butter: although they can exist separately, when put together, are the perfect combination.

Good songs, chosen with care, have the ability to completely transform a dull workout into something inspiring, amusing or at least tolerable.

"It's very interesting to associate songs workout because the person will associate something pleasant to physical activity, which, in a way, help to motivate her," says Samia Hallage, clinical and sports psychologist.

But, assemble a list of ideal music to accompany your workout is not so simple. However, a few tips can help. Check out:

1. Gather your favorite songs

Make a selection with about 30 songs you love with passion! Gender, age and time of each track can vary greatly.

"The rhythm of the music can follow the pace of the workout, but it is essential that they be songs that people like that are handpicked for her," says Samia Hallage.

Of course you should give preference to the most electrifying music, but the fact is that they should not all be "similar", ie, the same musical style. Because, a few minutes of your workout will ask for a "pause" and it is interesting that the sound you are listening Follow these moments.

The most important is you choose songs that "move" with you: they can make you want to get up and dance, scream of a mountain or even want to cry. It is essential that they make you "feel"!

2. Change the speed of the music

A cool tip that you can do at the time of selection, is to change the speed of some songs, so you have a different experience of what is already accustomed to hear it. The novelty has the power to renew your mind! And there are free programs available for download that allow you to change the BPM of what you want to hear.

3. Select songs beyond the training time

The total time of your playlist should not be less than the duration of your workout. So, make a rough note: I chose the 30 songs totaling how many minutes?

If felt necessary, add new tracks to the playlist! After all, everything depends on how long you plan to train and / or running. But, the key is that the duration of the playlist is longer than the duration of their activity.

That's because you can always jump straight to their range of cooling when you're ready to quit. But you will not want to cut the length of your workout just because you ran out of music, right? And motivation (in this case, music) never hurts!

4. Consider the lyrics

Not only the rhythm or music genre that matters. The lyrics can influence your mood. Songs that talk about things that you identify yourself have the power to serve as an incentive during the year.

5. Choose a song for heating

Select a song especially for start activities, ie to heat. It should have a moderate pace: but quieter than the nearby tracks to come fast enough to encourage you,.

That goes especially for you do not forget the need to warm your body.

6. Select a song to end

Book one or two quieter songs - but not stopped completely! - For the final minutes of your workout. It is essential that the letter and its rhythms are to your liking. It will help you regain your breath, while that encourage resume activities the next day.

workout playlist

For each activity a type of music more appropriate

It is essential that the person ride your workout playlist according to your tastes. But some guidelines can help! Below you can see what kind of music best suits a particular activity:

Cycling, jogging and walking: a poll by sports psychologist Costas Karageorghis, of Brunel University in London, pointed out that for this type of activity indicated are songs that have a time between 125-140 bpm.

Quick Race: the same survey found that the more intense the workout, the more should be stirred music. In this case, the recommendation is a dance music with 130-140 bpm.

Weight lifting: research indicates that most are more suitable rhythmic music and accelerated, with percussion or with a strong and well-cadenced down.

Now you have good tips and can caprichar in choosing songs for your workout playlist! After all, if well selected, they will motivate you more and more and let your physical activity more enjoyable.

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