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Burn Up To 300 Cals in 20 Mins

Burn Up To 300 Cals in 20 Mins

Slimming tea feiyan

You probably do not sound very feiyan known tea, a caffeine-free tea that is made ​​by combining green tea, lotus leaf, cassia seed and loofah. The medicinal uses of tea feiyan are many, the most famous slimming property.

Tea feiyan

As you said, the tea feiyan we have caffeine, it is 100% herbal. Its name comes from an old Chinese story: a woman named Yan Zhao Fei was known as the woman with a perfect body and her slender figure is attributed to the power of this tea.

This tea does not have any chemicals and is safe to consume regularly, as they have no known side effects. However, it is advisable not to consume pregnant women and young children.

Slimming tea feiyan

It is believed that tea feiyan is ideal for those who are looking to lose weight, since it is an appetite suppressant, boosts metabolism and helps the body eliminate fat more easily. It also helps us to reduce swelling and detoxify the body, which not only allows us to lose weight but also helps in the overall health of the body.

Ideally consume daily for 45 days minimum and three months maximum, losing one to two sizes per month without any other effort-not diet or exercise, if we combine the three will get better results. It should start with one cup a day and drink up to three.

Other medicinal uses of tea feiyan

Given the ingredients in this tea, we can deduce that among the medicinal uses of tea feiyan is its ability to reduce cholesterol levels is sangre.TambiƩn some cancers because it improves the immune system.

Lotus leaves are known to cure diseases of the spleen and liver , prevent bleeding, relieve muscle spasms and regulate the functioning of diarrhea or short-bowel prevents constipation. Meanwhile, cassia seeds are excellent tonic for the liver, kidney and intestine. The loofah channels strengthens the lungs, liver and stomach, improves blood circulation and treats congestion and chest pain.

Did you know the medicinal uses of tea feiyan ? Have you ever tried this tea? Remember that if you're going to use for its slimming properties should be aware that if you diet and exercise you will lose weight much more than just drinking tea.