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Are all your holiday decorations out? If you're still wanting to add a little more decor, this simple ornament made from cut out circles is something you might want to try. I went for bright colors, mixed with a little bit of black, gold, and silver, and it's just festive enough. I think these paper ball ornaments are so pretty that I might find a little spot in our house to keep some up all year long! 

-cardstock in various colors
-3" circle punch

 Step One: Cut out twenty circles for each ball. I used a 3" circle punch because I wanted to make bigger paper balls, and they end up being about 6" across. If you want to make smaller ones, just use a smaller circle punch. 

 Step Two: From one circle cutout, draw an equilateral triangle and cut that out. That will be the guide for folding each circular piece. 

 Step Three: Use the triangle cut out as a guide to fold each circular piece. Fold each side in towards the front of the paper. 

 Step Four: To start, paint glue on one flap of two circles and join together. The triangles should point in the same direction. Continue painting glue onto the flaps to attach three more circles to the two; these five circles joined together create the top of the ball.

To create the center of the ball, glue ten circles together, but alternate the tip of the triangles pointing up and down. This then connects to the five previous circles that form the top of the ball.

 Step Five: Cutout a 16" strand of string (or whatever length you need), not it a few times so that the knot is large enough that it won't slip through the ball. Insert the loop through the top center of the ball.

 Step Six: Continue on with the remaining five circles and add those onto the ball making sure that the points all face the same direction. This is the bottom of the ball. 

I think these paper balls could be used for other celebrations throughout the year. It would also be a great alternate for a bow on top of a present. If you want to make a special one for a sweetheart, just write a little message on each circle for them. This would also be cute as a hanging mobile. I could probably go on and on about the different ways this paper ornament ball could be used. I want to plan to make a larger version of my dowel Christmas tree, and hang these paper balls on them! -Ruby Ellen


 I am a total sucker for personalized items. As I type this, I'm drinking coffee out of a mug with a big gold "G" printed across it—I just can't help it. Personalizing potential is one reason that I love doing projects with stamped jewelry. I made these hand-stamped necklaces a few months ago, and I still wear them all the time. So I thought it would be fun to make an initial bracelet as well. The other thing I love about stamped jewelry is that it looks really professional, so unless you confess your little DIY secret, everyone will think you special ordered it from somewhere. Sneaky.

- gold coin discs (with holes already punched)
- gold chain
- jump rings
- lobster claw closure
- jeweler's bench block
- letter or number punch stamps (I used 6mm size stamps)
- hammer
- tape
- needle nose pliers
- jewelry wire cutters
- rubbing alcohol (70% isopropyl alcohol) and black marker (optional) 

 First you'll want to tape the very top and bottom edge of your coin onto your jeweler's block. This will keep your coin from sliding as you stamp and will give you a guide of where to place your stamp (so make the gap just taller than your letter will be). You technically don't have to have a jeweler's block, but I highly recommend it since you will get a much cleaner impression with the extremely hard surface under the coin.

 Next, select your letter punch stamp and place it stamp side down onto the middle of your coin. Use your hammer to stamp your first letter (see this stamping post for technique tips). If you want to make your letter more visible, take your black marker and color in the lines of the letter. Put a small dab of the rubbing alcohol on a paper towel or cotton ball and wipe off the excess marker. That step should remove the marker from the top of the coin, but leave the ink in the letter indent.

Repeat process with each letter until you have all your initials stamped.

  Use the jump rings and needle nose pliers to connect your initial letters to each other. Take the wire cutters and cut your two pieces of chain to the desired length. Attach each side to your initial grouping with two more jump rings. Connect your chain ends to the lobster claw closure with two additional jump rings, and you're done!

For any stamping project, I definitely suggest stamping some inexpensive practice blanks first, so you get into the stamping rhythm and know how hard to hit the stamping punch (and buying a multi-pack of discs so you have a few extra is also a good idea). I did one bracelet with my guy's initials, but you can also do your own initials or a combination of two names (like the "M & C" one for my kitties), or even a series of numbers that represent an important date. This bracelet makes the perfect personalized gift as well, and it would be extra cute for a group of people to all have one (like best friends or a bridesmaid's gift). 


 If I had to pick one piece of jewelry right now to be my "soulmate" jewelry, I think it would be these phrase bracelets. They are everything I'm looking for in a wearable companion. From the leather strap to the modern gold font and the slightly cheeky phrases, it's the perfect combination to make me say, "Gimmie! I want!" in a very mature and dignified manner. Besides looking so darn cute, the other big plus about these bracelets is that they take just minutes to make, and you can personalize them with whatever phrase or hashtag you want! #yesplease!


-flat leather (10mm x 2mm) or oval leather (10mm x 6mm)
-letter sliders (I love this font in either 10mm x 2mm or 10mm x 6mm, and they sell hashtags too!)
-magnetic clasp (10mm x 2mm or 10mm x 6mm)
-jewelry glue

 Cut one side of your leather into a point like the front of an arrow (this makes it easier to slide the letters onto it). Slide your phrase letters onto the leather strap.

 Trim your arrow-shaped end so you have a straight cut instead. Take one of your magnetic clasps, add a small drop of glue into the opening, and quickly place your leather end into the opening. If you have a light colored leather, be careful not to add too much glue, or it will overflow the opening and darken the leather it comes in contact with (you can see it did a little bit on mine). Place the leather around your wrist to determine the length of the bracelet (keeping in mind how much length attaching the other clasp will add or take away). Cut your leather to size and attach the other side of the clasp.

 Now, some bracelets have beads or parts that are supposed to slide freely on the bracelet, but since you want your phrase to be legible, you probably want them to hang out together in a neat little row. Flip the bracelet over and, starting with the middle letter, place a drop of glue where that letter should go. Slide your letter over onto the glue and let it sit for a moment until the glue starts to set. Repeat the process with the other letters until they are all glued in place.

I hope you guys are as into these bracelets as I am—I just adore them. I love the personalization aspect, all the different colors you can do, and they absolutely look like something that you bought rather than made. Yes!! And, on top of it all, they make a perfect gift, especially if you and your girlfriends (or sisters/family of course) have a particular phrase or hashtag that's an inside joke. Those are the best. Most of mine are every other sentence from Arrested Development. Unfortunately, those are too long for a bracelet (although maybe we could do "Marry Me" or "Her?"). Either way, here's the breakdown on this DIY: super easy, really cute, great gift idea. What's not to like? to. Laura

Feathers of threads

 Feathers of threads
Doubted whether to put these "creations", but work colleagues interested moms, and the manufacturing process just in case I photographed, so give your judgment such a fiction, in an unusual me "manner" rather technology.

The issue is, as always in the process of working on the flowers, herbs, or tried to do the branches of thread.

  • wire
  • thread
  • adhesive
  • instead of tubes can take any basis for winding. Than it is wider, the greater will be the feathers.
 Feathers of threads
Any thread (I have very thin). Only then realized that they can be wound on the line (not necessarily round base), most importantly, that the center "trunk - feather" was in the middle of the base. Wire wrapped with cloth or gafrobumagoy (smeared with glue), after a few turns again smeared with glue (only the place where the wire itself), and in the end also lubricates. Pulls the many threads in a circle (along the base) - that was not even prosvetov.I IMPORTANT: to dry thoroughly (before cutting). I was drying on the battery for half an hour. Cut back side "trunk" (the exact opposite wire) better kantsnozhichkom (scissors is not very convenient.)
 Feathers of threads

Dokleivaem top individual tassels (on obratonoy side feathers). Yeah, here's a tip gave klepo4ka after my MC: "In order that would not stick tip, bend the wire in a loop of thread insert beam, screw tip, get a fan of threads." (I think it's more convenient ....) 
Cropped lishee scissors - creating a form of writing - your choice.
 Feathers of threads
Comb, paint watercolors, glue paetki word on that you have enough imagination. . Once again, small comb comb and sprinkle with hairspray - for greater strength ...
 Feathers of threads
This is an experiment with different thread ... White thread tried in the last turn, then the feathers of them were born .... Until then "tortured" greens)))))
 Feathers of threads
You can make these Christmas trees (toy beads I already added in Photoshop)
 Feathers of threads

The biggest art installation

Of "light" recently in different parts of the world art installations, we chose seven that truly affect their size. These designs if someone escaped from a bizarre dream where the ball is ruled by large dimensions and unexpected images.

"Revived" Marilyn Monroe

Not everyone's liking campy antics and stereotypical beauty Marilyn Monroe, but deny its role in the history of cinema can only be it not knowledgeable people. Various souvenirs vengeance exploits her name, and numerous imitators do not give sink into oblivion and blond beauty in a specific manner. Remember the famous scene with billowing dress actress in Billy Wilder's "Itch sweat?" Creative sculptor Stuart Johnson recreated frame became a textbook in its amazing Chicago installation "Marilyn forever." Dimensions "revived" Monroe impressive height - 8 meters, weight - 15 tons. Despite the iconic status of the actress and her merits to dreamland, not all locals have approved the construction of an art installation. Blonde no longer in vogue?

"Revived" Marilyn Monroe

Giant striped chaise lounge on UK beach

The idea of ​​this project was born in the minds of marketers of Pimm's, the famous manufacturer of fruit champagne cocktail, and was linked with a move to the UK summer. To implement custom design ideas to life on the beach in Bournemouth was built huge sunbed length of 10 meters and a width of 5.5 meters. Design weighs no less than 6 tons. Author Stuart Murdoch installation seriously expects to get into the Guinness Book of Records: alleges that a sunbed in Bournemouth - the largest in the world. Heraldry of the project is transparent little more than full: fruit cup and striped chaise lounge chair-have long been considered symbols of the United Kingdom, and the placement of structures on the beach is a clear allusion to the population to leave the comfort of their homes and go sunbathing.

Giant striped chaise lounge on UK beach

"Bad Dog"

Worthy response to the Brussels 'Manneken Pis' prepared American sculptor Richard Jackson. However, in his version of celebrating small need not representative homo sapiens, and the most ordinary dog. Sculpture called «Bad Dog». The location of such provocative works of art - exactly near California Museum Orange County Museum of Art - sculptor chosen by chance: the museum is just an exhibition of his works, and defecate directly onto the wall of the museum dog was part of the general concept of art. Huge size (up to 8.5 meters tall) black labrador void sumnyashesya raises a hind leg and makes her "wet" work. For greater realism from time to time on the wall paint was jetted with a characteristic color. Bust? Richard Jackson thought that did, and the overall success of his show only confirms the idea that true art knows no boundaries.

"Bad Dog"

"Planet Kids"

Unlike dogs defecate Jackson, this sculpture Marc Quinn 2008 totally devoid of irony and can rightly lay claim to being one of the most beautiful and personal art installations of this century. Formally, this sculptural portrait of the son of the seven-month Quinn made truly a giant scale. Judge for yourself: the weight of the sculpture - 7 tons, height - 10 meters. It is an engineering marvel bronze in Singapore tropical park "Gardens by the Bay." Unique design allows virtually invisible backup, whereby a persistent illusion that the sculptor modeled child literally hovers in the air against the backdrop of skyscrapers and is located next to the trees. According to the author of the installation, the cornerstone of its concept was the desire to express the general through the particular love of millions of parents to their offspring by the example of his own son. Not the beauty and love will save the planet? 

"Planet Kids"

Fountain "Metalmorfozy"

This large-scale art installation, located in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, you can watch through a centralized web cams: online broadcasts allow each Internet user to monitor the movement of the sculpture. The very title of the project is easy to detect the pun, but it is easy to reveal nuances in the first turn solid steel head weighing 14 tons, made up of a large number of plates. Its author - famous Czech sculptor David Black, behind which a lot of decent work. "Metalmorfozy" became his first overseas project.

Fountain "Metalmorfozy"

Teddy bear in Manhattan

And from this installation breathes not the technocracy, and somehow captured on a subconscious level, homey feel and atmosphere of a carefree childhood, when best friends were plush toys, and their inability to speak perfectly offset by our irrepressible schoolboy fantasy. The most amazing thing is that it is a miracle yellow weighing 16 tons and a height of 7 meters directly in the center of bustling Manhattan. Seemingly minor detail lamp next to his head slightly slumped Teddy Bears in addition to purely decorative function also performs perfectly practical role: the street lights at night. Made "Teddy" bear made of bronze and stands up to $ 10 million.

Teddy bear in Manhattan

Teddy bear in Manhattan


If you buried a fate in Virginia, in the modest town of Roanoke, then surely Find the local landmark - made in the form of a huge comb parking for bicycles, is a vivid example of how sometimes intertwined true art and frightening for their pragmatism and mediocrity life. With probability, close to the maximum, we can say that this comb - the biggest in the world, let her use and away from the traditional. Authors of the project - the designers and sculptors studio-shop «Knowhow Shop LA» - comb cut by hand and simulate hair black steel arc, which serve for fastening comb covered with a strong protective layer. Want to park your bike between the teeth of a comb? Get in the queue, because the number of places is limited to eight, and wishing - rife.


Scheme Weave Bracelet Shambhala: Why are popular and what their meaning


Shamballa bracelets have gained wide popularity, especially as the original jewelry hails from Tibet who adores even Hollywood stars. But, in fact, they are considered an amulet with a value.

What Lies Shambhala bracelet?
Meaning mascot is already set in the scheme of weaving yarns and is the reflection of the connection between the visible and invisible worlds. It is believed that give amulet bracelet properties by force only masters, for which each node on the decoration has a special meaning. This bracelet gives tranquility vital harmony and luck.

Play a special role beads that weave in jewelry. Shamballa bracelets are often bound to the rocks according to the sign, so it is believed that they may have beneficial effects on human health and with success in business.

Shamballa bracelets can have a variety of colors and combinations of colors. Astrologers have developed a system that allows you to choose the colors of stones to a bracelet according to the individual person's horoscope.

These decorations can equally wear both men and women, as Shambhala have the property to look if you want elegant or courageously.

Since 1994, there is a brand Shamballa, who became the undisputed leader in the art of making bracelets and specializes in creating these ornaments of precious materials. 
How do single Shambhala bracelet with their hands

Shamballa bracelets can without difficulty do with their hands, using existing schemes. To create decorations preferable to use natural materials, as they best fit the meaning of the bracelet. This natural stone, metal, wood and leather.

Bracelets can be found among single options where beads are arranged in a circle in a row. Double Bracelet Shambala looks interesting and not much more complicated weaving conventional single decoration. To create a triple bracelet Shambhala , will need to spend more time, since it does not seem to weave a double, but looks very nice and allows using stones of different colors to create unusual designs.

Read also an American - 8 bracelets in Occupational Tatting own hands

Plaiting single bracelet Shambhala must take three cord: short black (60 cm) and two blue cord (length of 120 cm and 60 cm). Also need beads (7 large and 2 smaller).

On the one hand, the black cord form a tight knot.

Bracelet Shambhala

Stepping back 20 cm from the site, a blue tie cord to the black "in half."

Bracelet Shambhala

On the main black cord nodules of imposing blue cord.

Bracelet Shambhala

Unworked several nodes (the number depends on personal preferences), strung on a black cord first bead. Alternate knotting with beads in a predetermined order.

Bracelet Shambhala

The last node we put a little glue and wait until it dries. Then, cut the excess ends of the cord.

Bracelet Shambhala

When the main stage of the formation of the bracelet is complete, begin to make the zipper for decoration. To do this, two black tip cord stacked together and tied with knots of blue cord (the principle of formation of nodes is the same as for the bracelet). Doing about 14 knots, glue is applied and then cut off the unwanted ends. As a result of work done black base should move freely through the buckle.

Bracelet Shambhala

The last step involves making a bracelet hanging on a black bead on the ends of the cord. Cord ends are fixed conventional node that for greater strength bonded with glue and cut the cord protruding edge on the site.

Bracelet Shambhala

Well, our Shambhala bracelet is ready. If something was not clear - ask questions. I'd be happy to answer them