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5 reasons to make love in the morning

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Making love in the morning is one of the healthiest ways to start the day, as well as break the routine, bring benefits to physical and emotional level . So put aside laziness and start your day with joke.

Then you have 5 reasons why it's good to know the sex in the morning .

5 There is no better way to start your day

If the way in which you wake must define your day, sex is the best way to continue with the next hour of your life as it releases a hormone called oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone . This makes it feel much more pleasure with your partner .

In addition, testosterone levels increase in the male body, controlling the sexual desire and satisfaction. Having sex in the morning does well because more amount of energy to spend and the body as the mind is rested.

4 You are right to health

Several U.S. studies confirmed that morning sex is used to strengthen the immune system, while protecting the body from infections and raising the levels of antibodies.

3 Without excuses over time

If both have to go to work early, take a nice bath and make love in the shower . Lean against the wall and bend   to feel more pleasure. On the other hand, if you were lazy hours, fail to reward the next morning.

Several positions will help to hide the face of "newly awakened me."

2 A media luz

Many experts say that the confidence should be enough to have the desire to have sex in the morning with the clarity of daylight. However, you can close the curtains to avoid such embarrassment and create a more loving atmosphere in the room.

On the other hand, if you feel discomfort from morning breath, always keep on hand a couple of mints and a bottle with water to disguise it a bit and remove bacteria that have visited your mouth at night.

No. 1 beneficial factors

1. Rest is one of the best aphrodisiacs for morning sex . 
2. With the increased desire, sexual fantasies can be fulfilled. 
3. Alcohol is not required at all, since the energy is great, the hormones are on high and blood circulation could not be more pumped. 
4. For the high level of testosterone in men erection lasts much longer.

With all these tips , now ... Feel like to have sex in the morning ? Leave a comment.

10 signs you're not in love

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Do you feel that is not the same as before? Sometimes love does not last forever and the state of love and romance seem to vanish over time. Find here the top 10 signs you're not in love and then decide whether or darla rekindle the relationship terminate.

# 10 Your partner will irritate

Not sure why, but whether they are on the phone, watching a movie or having dinner at home, there are certain things about him that irritate you. Prior to the most loved sounds ridiculous ... But now hate!

# 9're no longer excited

At the beginning of the relationship you excited to see him and times were when you weighed far. But now the excitement is gone. The thrill and excitement of being together seems to have disappeared. You do not mind being alone with him.

# 8 Solo you care for yourself

When you're in love you care what he does and wish and dream they have in common. But when time passes and as you are not in love , just think about yourself, the things that make you right, I may be somewhat selfish and taking advantage of the situations.

# 7 you want to cheat

If you look too much lately other guys and you encourage you to have an affair with another, it seems you're not in love. A woman in love can not "prove" to another man.

# 6 You think you deserve better

If feelings in your head that do not value your man appear, it may be a sign that the romance is over . When you think you're smarter and you'd better positioned to have a partner, more educated, or just someone who shares your interests and who have another kind of life is that something is wrong.

# 5 Not as desired

Although not all couples do not have sex is almost finished, many times the lack of desire to the other reveals that no longer feels the same as before. A sign that you do not love and can then no longer want to have sex with him.

# 4 rather spend time with other

If lately you most like to be with friends / colleagues as and / as working with your partner, because he already seems boring you, you must think it can be a sign.

# 3 You do not respect

No matter what you say, feel or need. Moreover, you can get to insult him in a fight . If you think your partner is a loser or a useless, something is wrong.

# 2 What envy

You crazy with jealousy that earn more than your work or make it more successful, or until it is thinner. Or whatever! If you are able to sabotage one of his presentations or attempt to compromise the secret of his success is that I no longer love as before .

# 1 Solo want to change

Your relationship is not right lately and think it is their fault. If you think all the time that has to change to keep up with you, because then you do not like (even before adored all of it) can be a sign that you are not in love .

Signs that you are too attached to him

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Whether you're in a relationship or you just like a guy, there are clear signs that show if you are too conscious of a man . While it is good to think of others and be careful, there is a thin line that can pass on the obsession. And you may end up hurt or having a bad time. So do not miss these signs that you're too attached to a man , so you can identify and reverse the situation.

Expect posts

When someone close to you is normal to expect a daily post. However, you should not freak out if it takes more time to answer you. Moreover if you are just starting out. Both have their lives outside of the relationship and balance it is important to know. If you can not spend an hour without knowing it, is a clear sign that you're too steep . You must relax, stop thinking the worst and enjoy meeting other without putting too much pressure.

Always mention

If you go out with friends and you can not avoid talking about it every two seconds, that's another sign that you're too attached. Fine if you have a funny story, a novelty or something worth mentioning, but should not become the center of attention . It is important that you can enjoy your friends without thinking about it.

Verse always

If their schedules allow them to be forever, that's fantastic. However, you can not be mad if you other plans occasionally and you should do the same. Note that you're not the only person in your life and you both need time to see family and friends. If you can not go a day without seeing him, know that you are too attached to him.

Jealousy all

If you see an attractive work colleague or even your ex jealous is normal. However, if you feel jealous when you spend time with your parents or your friends, that's a problem. Although the jealousy are normal couples, you must not let it overwhelm you. If you are stressed for each situation is not good for the relationship and probably always end in discussions.


Relationships involve a lot of feelings and emotions and there are situations that cause tears, but others must be controllable with less emotion. If you cry every time you go in your house even if you know you will soon see, is a clear sign that you depend too much of it. Instead of being wrong because it is going, you should be happy that they could spend time together.


It is normal to feel upset if you have not seen for several days. However, you can not base your entire life around it . You must be able to survive without him around. If you put your happiness in their hands is likely to end up hurt. You have to have control of your own happiness if you want to live a full life.

Big plans

If after two weeks you're already thinking about marriage is a sign that you're going too fast. Okay imagine the future and think about forming a life with him, but do not expect a proposal or going too fast in the relationship . Everything takes time, and do not want to rush things and scare.

When you find the ideal man for you is normal not to want to go out of sight. However, if you want the relationship to last and work well, you need to learn to be happy without him. Being good about yourself you can better enjoy when you see him and share time together. Learn to enjoy other things in your life as you enjoy the company of your partner.

If you found any of these behaviors in your relationship, it is best that you take control and try to relax to enjoy your partner.

5 Myths About the Female Orgasm

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More than one woman was surprised while her friend confides some details about a night of passion with your partner. Often many doubts about what can become a arise enjoyable sex and shame makes no awkward questions.

True, some will exaggerate, omit other and end the doubts are rolling in my head unanswered. Thinking clarify some myths we consulted Colombian sexologist Martha Mejia us to solve some doubts about the female orgasm .

An inquiry to find out for sure

Martha Mejia is a psychologist at the National University of Colombia and sexologist at the University of Barcelona. Over 18 years of experience as a sex therapist have earned credit in major media in the country, which is not free, when your career objective and retrain staff Colombians on sexuality.

To sexologist, be clear and direct is vital when it comes to talking about sex . "In the 21st century is very frustrating to find that people have spent 40 years making love from the penis and vagina. This goes beyond, "said the specialist.

Can I reach orgasm without penetration?

Martha Mejia: Make it clear that the most powerful man and woman sex organ is the brain. It is neither the vagina or the penis. So you can have orgasms without penetration , even without an iota touches your body.

What you should do is go to my best sexual data bank, the brain. Then imagine, you create or recreate a sexual, carnal and intense job that you have lived or simply the invent you.

You go to your memory, you give strength and vibes. Remember how you smelled, touched or palpaste and what you do is activate all your senses . I guarantee you feel 1-3 orgasms if you let yourself go. All our senses influence, a key for them and they always repeat is that "we have the clitoris in the ears. (Laughs).

My partner can tell if I fake an orgasm?

MM: It's quite difficult to fake an orgasm . During his experience organic manifestations as agitation, cardio-respiratory, more lubrication in the vagina, nipples and argan pupils, lips, veins and arteries dilate 5 times longer than normal.

It should be a pretty actress who had trained for these drills, but hardly make it in all the way because the physiological part involved. Sometimes women worry about fake and this makes their partners think they are super lovers, which is not healthy for anyone.

How many can experience orgasms during sex?

MM: That's very relative. First we should look parameter sexual relationship over time. For example, experience has shown that a Colombian couple sex takes no more than 15 or 20 minutes. So responding under that average, a Colombian woman could ever experience 10 to 12 orgasms.

However, if it is a multi-orgasms and that is combined with the ability, skill and creativity of your partner, you can bring it to the threshold to have consecutive orgasms.

Where is the G spot?

MM: The G spot is located 3 inches from the vaginal opening at the top of the pubic neck to the pelvic bone. An easy way to find it is to enter the finger and push the upper vaginal wall, firmly.

Ideally, it relaxed, must extend for a pillow behind the tail ture. There we will find no bigger than a pea mound. It is strong and rugged. Neither smooth nor soft. You must rub together with fingertips in a circular shape to correspond. When there will be more protuberant irrigation and increasingly assertive.

Today there are toys that are used to detect the point G , but the easiest way is this of which I speak. That is the position.

My partner and I can reach orgasm so simultaneously?

MM: Many couples have this myth. I say it is a myth that could hardly be synchronized such perfection something similar. It must be a couple who really (and I take my hat) have the perfect synchrony and not just sex, but in all environments.

Despite this understanding, it is not so easy to do and although many wish and yearn couples should not be a cause of stress. Of course there are couples who reported having achieved, but the truth is that with so many conditions at once and two completely different things, you might have more difficulty. Get off of that cloud because it is subjective and changeable.

Did they remained doubts about the female orgasm ? This is the opportunity for you to tell us and we'll find out for you on the next delivery.

Tips for a romantic evening

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Tips for a romantic evening

Is the date more cheesy year? A strictly business day, driven only for people to buy, buy and buy? Yes, many have this vision of Valentine or Valentine's Day is traditionally celebrated every February 14. But let's face it, is the perfect excuse for an unforgettable encounter with our love: no want to miss these tips for a romantic evening ... And I bet none will go without reading this page!

For the upcoming Valentine's Day, or for tonight or any other night of the year, you must apply these romantic tips to get the best date of your life with your love. And unmarried note that sooner or later you will be playing them. Hands for the best romantic evening ! Here are the tricks, simple but infallible we collect to spice up your relationship.

A gift

Tips for a romantic evening

A surprise for your boyfriend into an unforgettable night for both may come hand in hand with a gift. Especially if it's your intimate celebration Valentine !

The best advice to buy the perfect gift? Simply ask what is needed, or give him what he likes, from clothes, perfumes, accessories, technology objects, books, favorite music ...

You know it well, you'll secure the target with a gift she'll love.

Romantic Ski

Tips for a romantic evening

Did you think the gift wrap and give it in her hand, and birthdays? How boring you are! I propose that for this romantic evening I play classic hidden treasure. Write several tracks on pieces of paper and hide them so marking him the way to go to find your gift.

A tip? Make tracks are romantic: for example, "the next track is among the pages of the book you gave me on the anniversary."

The Perfect Setting

Tips for a romantic evening

For the intimate evening we must be truly fabulous in every detail. While it is obvious that your boyfriend will not pass your finger across the furniture to see if it was shining or if some dust, believe that a clean, tidy and decorated for the occasion influence that romantic atmosphere you want to create.

Do the basic rules? Turn off the lights and light candles (if scented the better) and put on some music, which both prefer. They can be romantic for "mellow" or fun to dance and laugh topics ballads.

Aphrodisiac Foods

Tips for a romantic evening

A romantic night stands a romantic dinner . But of course, for the evening is 100% passionate I will not eat reheated pizza left over from yesterday, right? Take this opportunity to eat aphrodisiac foods , those foods whose shape, color, flavor and properties light and libido-tell-help us have better sex ...

We lose nothing to try! These include chocolate, oysters, bananas, asparagus, almonds, and the inevitable bottle of champagne for a toast.

You, Beautiful

Tips for a romantic evening

Gift, romantic messages, home decor, tasty food ... All very nice, but the stars of the night are you two. He certainly draw on your favorite dress and that perfume that makes you crazy to surprise you. And you can not stay behind!

That same day, take a relaxing shower, get a facial moisturizer and apply perfumed the whole body. For dressing, uses those clothes that you like, or you that likes him to be more beautiful and sexy than ever. If you have questions for the look, look at my options for the best clothes for a romantic evening .

Look recommended

Tips for a romantic evening

My look recommended for a romantic evening? A little black dress or black dress, tight and short, with backless, or a garment suggesting a more sensual side (red is a good choice), no heavy makeup - eye makeup and lip gloss - loose hair, high heels and a flourish: a piece of sexy lingerie.

Hope you like our tips for a romantic evening ! 

How men face a breakup?-- 8 things men do after a breakup

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Meet the behaviors of men to end a relationship ! Do not think that we are the only things unusual to think of the break : they also suffer and I invite you to know how we face.

According to a survey of a blog for women, 70% said they had a love for the Internet and 40% of men confessed to look at the profile of his former partner very often. Therefore, know what makes the men to cut with your partner and information collected by men who they claim to be true and you must know.

How men face a breakup? See below.

# 8 Come with pornography

Well, that men like porn is not a secret. But the truth is that after finishing with your partner watch a lot more porn than usual, longer and more times a week.

# 7 Harass your ex on social networks

Ok, ok ... maybe not use the word "harass", but say they sleep with one eye open watching every move that their former partners have in social networks to satisfy their need to know about their lives and not feel lost by full contact.

# 6 What re-analyzed all

Believe it or not, what many men to cut with your partner is to go back and see all chat conversations that took over and analyze the relationship completely, to analyze your behavior and every one of your words.

# 5 presume to go out with friends

Hence do not be surprised to see lots of pictures and statements in their social networks about "how well" what happens with his friends, leaving almost every night everywhere with their friends and life is going great.

# 4 listen to sad music

Come on! Do not judge them for it. If in the end this is just an important part of the healing process for anyone.

They confessed in the survey that men after a breakup , listen to the compilation of songs they had together and also sad childhood to increase the feeling.

# 3 Looking for a replacement

We know that losing a couple, we are also losing a friend ... and the best because it will share our entire lives. For them it is important to find someone who can serve as a replacement for what they had and "fill" the void that is left.

# 2 They flirt shamelessly

When men end up with a girl, then try this for reasons of flirting on social networks and even in person with other girls to feed your ego while teasing his former partner and show that they may have everything and they are not sad.

# 1 Getting in shape

This is the last stage and is showing that they are trying to leave the sadness behind and already starting to think about themselves and not loving her sad past. This will give them the opportunity to subtly flirt and tell your ex speechless: "Look what you missed."

Having known what men do to end a relationship , learn more about the male mind and discover the signs that show when men no longer want anything with you .

Ideas to decorate for Valentine's Day

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This year not planning the last minute valentine decoration . Watch decorating ideas on Valentine we bring you in this post and give your home a halo of romance.

Strong colors

It is important to use bright, bold colors. The classic Valentine's colors are red, pink and white. Make use of your decor and to integrate them with balloons, decorations , flowers and all kinds of accessories.

 Wrap your Valentine gifts in red paper or make your own hands with small bags to put the presents. To decorate the house you can cut heart shaped various fabrics, stitch two hearts with ice needle, fill with cotton and hang them on a string for a beautiful wreath to put on the door latch or wherever comes to mind.


It is essential for Valentines night you create a romantic atmosphere. For the lighting is in tune, dims the lights and illuminates your room with lots of red, white and pink candles 

You can make your own candles with paraffin and placed in containers with heart shape, or decorate candles that you no longer use with paper hearts or other romantic figures. Another idea is to make a heart with a medium sized cardboard box and put in a lot of candles to illuminate the table or a romantic room.


Romanticism has to be present in every corner of our home and because of that, the flowers are a must.

You can place small bouquets throughout the house or create a main motif for Valentine's dinner and put a message of love. Another idea is to make roads with rose petals to decorate for Valentine's Day . If you're going to make a gift, you can put it in a box and wrap with flower petals to give a different and original touch to this.


Hearts are inevitable in the decoration Valentine's Day . Is there another symbol that universally represents love? In addition, the hearts are very easy to do, here are three ideas:

Can you cut with scissors the petals of a rose and heart shape and spread them on the bed. You can also make small cardboard cards with white and red writing on them a message of love. Another option is to draw a heart on a red cardboard, cut it with scissors and paste with a little white glue on a thin wooden stick.

To you, what other ideas can you think of to decorate for Valentine's Day ? 

How to feel more attractive

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Many times, we feel very badly about ourselves and we feel the urgent need to see ourselves more sexy and attractive . Then we will give a number of tips so that you can feel more sexy taking some simple steps.

Yourself a good haircut

One of the best ways to feel sexier is a haircut and make a radical change in your style. Many times, in order to feel better about ourselves we make these kinds of changes. Yes, first talk with the stylist before getting any kind of change in your hair, whether you cut or change their color, so that the professional can do exactly what you ask or you advice on what kind of hairstyle will look better .

Use clothing to hint

This might sounds weird, but there's nothing better to feel sexy and attractive to wear clothing that suggests more than it shows. Choose pencil skirts cut instead of a skirt or low-cut shirts replaces your tops where no show by a very pronounced cleavage. You will see that you will feel much more attractive without leaving everything in sight.

The same goes for shoes. While flat shoes as the dancers are very comfortable, try going out with some heels. You will see immediately that you will feel sexy and attractive. You are aware that you must use shoes heels that allow you to walk comfortably, otherwise you will not see anything if you walk sexy as doubtful.

If you are a confident woman yourself , this will be noted in your way of moving, walking and even how you get on and make you to be much more attractive to other people and to trust you. In general, people with more charisma are not beauty queens but they know how to move and how to treat others with great success.


A simple smile can often be the difference that will make you look more attractive . No need to look all the teeth when you smile and you go by the street smiling at everyone who crosses you. Rather showing gentle expression on your face that people do not feel attracted to you because you will find very attractive.

As you can see, feel more attractive and sexy is not very difficult, because with only a few details about the perception you the rest of the people will change dramatically.

Tell us Have a secret to see you more attractive ? 

How to overcome the most common fears of marriage

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overcome the most common fears of marriage

You're not sure that your marriage will work r? It is normal to be afraid to specific events that may arise in married life. Here are the top tips to beat the most common fears of marriage , so you can relax and feel that everything will be fine.

"As time passes we will no longer have anything in common"

The excitement and enthusiasm of the early changes when children arrive and obligations accrue. It is a fact. But love does not have to disappear or the relationship should deteriorate. Look for ways to share and enjoy things that please them both, as do a sport together or take a dance class, whatever just to share interests.

"If you are not seriously ill if you are able to stick together"

It is a fairly common fantasy to think that if unfortunately you fall into a crippling disease, he will not be able to you, the house, the children and the relationship. If you are concerned therefore, fear not talk to your partner.

"I do not want to end up like them"

If you know a couple who are going through an ugly divorce, or grew up in a home where violence and discussions were commonplace, you may be afraid that your relationship take that course. Again communication plays an important role. Make decisions and commit to always respect others , and build a healthy relationship.

"I'm going to stop being who I am"

You may think that married life take you to be a different person, the new duties and functions. But nothing should make you lose your individuality. Always plan to have some time for yourself to do something you like without the routine, children, work, or your husband overshadow your identity.

overcome the most common fears of marriage

"Sex is less exciting and often"

True wild sex the first few days will subside, but there is no reason why quit. It is best to keep the calendar, and think of new and fun things that can add to the relationship .

"There will be many disappointments"

Both in life and in marriage situations are good and not so good. The important thing is to know that things will not always be the way you want and you must learn to not blame your partner for things to happen.

"Over the years I will see old and he's going to fool me"

Getting your husband ever see you beautiful inside and out should not leave you alone. But this I do not mean how much do you tuck there. I mean, you take care of yourself, exercise regularly, I cut your hair every so often and especially stay vital and fun . It is true that many women may be more beautiful than you, but you have something that others do not have, love and a life together .

"Money problems will ruin the relationship"

If you think that money and its management can be a problem in the future, you just have to sit next to him to plan a budget together, and how much they earn will be devoted to individuality, either to save or to have for your personal expenses.

Have any other tips to overcome fears of marriage to share?

How to seduce a shy man

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seduce a shy man

That guy you love. It's cute, he's a good person, but has a big problem that does not let the relationship progress: is shy . If you've fallen victim to a shy man, you should know that it takes a lot of patience and courage to win his heart, so is not an easy game.

If you still want to try it, time to receive some tips to seduce a shy man .

seduce a shy man

Be friends

Many times, men are not shy in their group of male friends, but have a hard time socializing with girls. Therefore, it is important that you spend enough time with him as friends to get used to your presence and lose shyness.

Moreover, it will help to know a little more: Ask questions about anything that interests you to know and tell about your life too, so he does not feel it is an interrogation and will serve to open up a bit more. If you noticed something, remember some important facts and name them in the conversation, so that he can see that you pay attention.

seduce a shy man

Read her body language

Probably a shy man does not speak much, and costing expressed. But if there's one thing that keeps him lying is your body language . Through this we can know if we want to say something and not encouraged, if you are happy or bored to see you.

No doubt, this will be your secret weapon to know him better and know where the shots.

seduce a shy man

Choose the ideal quotes

If you are the type who dare to ask out , carefully select the appointment you're going to choose, especially if they are the first few times you go out together.

Avoid places where you have to talk a lot, such as a dinner, opting rather for dating with other couples, film or some other type of show.

seduce a shy man

Learn to understand

Maybe at some point you get you angry or behavior on your nerves, but if you like a shy guy should know that there are some things you might like it more than you. Therefore, it is especially important to know to understand what goes through your head and not sulk. It is also important that you learn to know what their comfort zones to help you stay within them and therefore do not feel uncomfortable with a situation.

You know how to conquer a shy man ? Does your partner is shy? Who made ​​the first move?

Benefits of dating a divorced man

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dating a divorced man

Many times to hear that our date is divorced, we put an end to a possible relationship. However, if attractive, polite, honest and demonstrate interest, should not be judged by their past. Being divorced may have some good points when it comes to forming a new relationship . Do not miss the benefits of dating a divorced man then!

Believe in the long-term commitment

While it did not work the first time, the fact of having taken the step to marry shows that believes in commitment. Today, more and more people disillusioned with the idea of there marriage . And he still betting on it, even after a failure, is a great sign.

More sexual desire

Studies show that married couples tend to have less sex than those who have not yet taken the other. If that was the case in his previous marriage, then you will notice that he will be with more desire and enthusiasm and know that you will love you repay him.


A person who has been through a marriage means the daily effort that involves a serious relationship . While it did not work the first time, this is no time to judge the effort and if you know better handle daily discussions.

dating a divorced man


If you love babies but are not ready to be a mom or do not want to be a divorced man with children may be what you need. Your family can afford to have a connection and enjoy your children and your link without real commitment and burden of motherhood.

He does not want more drama

A man who has married and then divorced has already had its necessary dose of drama. Now that you are single and know who and what you want, definitely do not want to waste time and that is very important when starting a relationship .

He has learned from his mistakes

As with any breakup , experiences leave us lessons worth consider. A divorced man probably already have idea what their mistakes were and what to change to make your next relationship work.

So do not throw in the towel immediately. A divorced man can give you some of these benefits that a single man is not capable. The important thing is to seek the same, respected and understood and should give it a try before judging by his past.

Sex Karezza: new way to love

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new way to love

The sex is important in the lives of couples , but many fall into an uncomfortable monotony that turns into routine encounters and sometimes uncomfortable. For this reason,we offers you practice sex Karezza , a technique that will leave more than exhaling a sigh.

What is sex Karezza? 

From the Italian word "carezza" meaning caress the Karezza sex is an erotic experience where intimate relationships become more soft and durable, without reaching orgasm .

Related tantric sex , this practice causes delays ejaculation and higher strength at the time of intercourse . For women , this method allows them to enjoy much the sex positions allowing them to experiment with movements and foreplay when sustain. 

Can you have sex without orgasm? 

Many argue that a good intimate relationship is achieved if you reach the climax, but the sex Karezza this becomes secondary. For those who practice this art are worth touching, control over their own excitement and enjoyment generated yourself and your partner the time to meet face to face in an erotic situation.

It says sex Karezza takes practice and perseverance and, like tantric sex , allows spiritual connection between the couple and strengthening communication links love . 

Tips for sex Karezza

Check out these 5 recommendations before implementing this method:

  • Spend time

Sex requires time and dedication, so plan a meeting with your loved one where they have a great period to be creative. Turn off cell phones or other distracting element gesten a space so that both can connect each other.

  • Take a deep breath

Some breathing techniques can be helpful to keep the flame of passion. Is recommended to breathe gently inhaling through the nose and exhaling through your mouth. Thus, both get to be relaxed and stress-free to fully enjoy the sexual encounter .

  •  Let your imagination

Kisses, caresses, hugs and pinches allowed in the practice of sex Karezza . The idea is that you use your senses to stimulate your partner, you shame not practice oral sex differently or add an element of support to increase the ardor of the moment.

  • Make slow movements

Implements undulating and circular movements during intercourse . This will allow the two feel more excitement, make them aware of each other and think more on the enjoyment of both as a couple and not as individuals pleasure.

  •  Ends with a smile and listens to your heart

With this simple gesture you give your partner to understand the game is enjoyable and successful. Similarly, you can take 5 minutes to pose your ear on the chest of your loved one and hear how your heart beats. This movement is key as will strengthen the emotional bond with both.

If you practice sex Karezza you can experience another kind of feeling that goes beyond the physical contact. With this technique implicar├ís love, feelings and close ties significantly improving the relationship and communication in both. 

Remember, sexuality, eroticism and lust some doses are best if the person living with both want.