Sex Karezza: new way to love

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new way to love

The sex is important in the lives of couples , but many fall into an uncomfortable monotony that turns into routine encounters and sometimes uncomfortable. For this reason,we offers you practice sex Karezza , a technique that will leave more than exhaling a sigh.

What is sex Karezza? 

From the Italian word "carezza" meaning caress the Karezza sex is an erotic experience where intimate relationships become more soft and durable, without reaching orgasm .

Related tantric sex , this practice causes delays ejaculation and higher strength at the time of intercourse . For women , this method allows them to enjoy much the sex positions allowing them to experiment with movements and foreplay when sustain. 

Can you have sex without orgasm? 

Many argue that a good intimate relationship is achieved if you reach the climax, but the sex Karezza this becomes secondary. For those who practice this art are worth touching, control over their own excitement and enjoyment generated yourself and your partner the time to meet face to face in an erotic situation.

It says sex Karezza takes practice and perseverance and, like tantric sex , allows spiritual connection between the couple and strengthening communication links love . 

Tips for sex Karezza

Check out these 5 recommendations before implementing this method:

  • Spend time

Sex requires time and dedication, so plan a meeting with your loved one where they have a great period to be creative. Turn off cell phones or other distracting element gesten a space so that both can connect each other.

  • Take a deep breath

Some breathing techniques can be helpful to keep the flame of passion. Is recommended to breathe gently inhaling through the nose and exhaling through your mouth. Thus, both get to be relaxed and stress-free to fully enjoy the sexual encounter .

  •  Let your imagination

Kisses, caresses, hugs and pinches allowed in the practice of sex Karezza . The idea is that you use your senses to stimulate your partner, you shame not practice oral sex differently or add an element of support to increase the ardor of the moment.

  • Make slow movements

Implements undulating and circular movements during intercourse . This will allow the two feel more excitement, make them aware of each other and think more on the enjoyment of both as a couple and not as individuals pleasure.

  •  Ends with a smile and listens to your heart

With this simple gesture you give your partner to understand the game is enjoyable and successful. Similarly, you can take 5 minutes to pose your ear on the chest of your loved one and hear how your heart beats. This movement is key as will strengthen the emotional bond with both.

If you practice sex Karezza you can experience another kind of feeling that goes beyond the physical contact. With this technique implicarás love, feelings and close ties significantly improving the relationship and communication in both. 

Remember, sexuality, eroticism and lust some doses are best if the person living with both want.

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