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Eating a home exercise routine

Sticky many gyms and terrifies you prefer to spend your money on something else that does not make you sweat buckets, you cause muscle aches. In this installment we have good news: you do not have to go to the gym to keep in shape. You can follow an exercise routine at home and here we will tell you how.


To avoid injury, it is imperative that before beginning the series of exercises, you make a warm-up activity . You have several alternatives, such as jumping rope, running or walking in place. The warm up should last between 5 and 10 minutes. 


Stand up and align your feet to the width of your hips. Start descenderlas as if you were sitting in a chair. Lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Stay in this position for a few minutes. Rise slowly until your knees are fully extended. 

  • At no time let your knees remain below the toes.
  • Your trunk should be kept straight.
  • Make the most slow motion as you can, so that is completely controlled.


Lie on the floor face down. Supports hands (to shoulder height) and toes (or knees if you want to try a simpler version). Use force with your arms and lift your body.

  • It is essential that the column remain straight at all times.
  • Remember, the slower you do this movement, the more work they will have to make your muscles  


Stand up and align your feet to the width of your shoulders. Take a step forward with your right foot and bend your knee until it is at an angle of 90 °. Take care that the bent knee is aligned with your ankle. Return your leg to the starting position and repeat this procedure left leg. 


Your physical activity will only be finished when you do some stretching exercises . Do not underestimate its importance: they avoid the uncomfortable presence of muscle pain and grant you flexibility. 

If you're starting to do physical activity, do not sobreexigas. Start with low reps (5-10) and sees increasing it every week. 

7 exercises and activities to thicken thighs

By enrolling in a gym or start any other physical activity, each person has his goal ... Some want to lose weight or simply want a more defined body, others want to gain muscle etc..

The important thing at this time is to talk with the professional in charge, who will oversee the exercises on their wishes, so that he can prepare a proper training in order to achieve their goals. And of course, it is essential to be aware that no positive result is achieved overnight. Therefore, the path to be followed also requires perseverance.

A common desire among women win is thicker and shapely thighs. And of course, to achieve this goal, not just enroll in a gym and expect them to gain muscle naturally: it is necessary to follow a specific program for this.

The training should be individualized, ie, done by a healthcare professional for your particular case. However, below you can see what are the exercises performed in gyms and other activities best suited to help you reach your goal.

In the gym

1. Free squatting with long bar

Rafaela Martone, professor of Physical Education Academy Contours, explains that this is a deep and profound exercise that works all the muscles of the quadriceps. "The bar has to be located on top of the trapezius muscle (avoid putting on the spinous processes of cervical). With feet and legs hip-width apart, lowering to reach the heel and back again to the starting position, "he says.

The professional guides perform four sets of 10 to 12 repetitions, giving the interval of 60 seconds between one series to another.

2. Extension chair

Rafaela Martone explains that this is a uniarticular exercise, which can isolate the quadriceps muscle. "Look to perform the exercise in medium / slow speed, the slower the exercise, the more you enable local muscle fibers. Look rise with more blast and back slower and concentrate. Let the parallel and pointed up feet, and elbows on the chair to give more stability, "he says.

The teacher guides perform 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions with maximum load.

3. Leg Press

According to Rafaela, this is an exercise that depending on the positioning of the feet, you emphasize most other musculature. "Keeping your feet hip-width apart and at the bottom of the platform, you work your quadriceps (thigh whole). When performing the flexion movement, it is important to never exceed 90 ยบ, not to harm the hip. To the extent you should never fully extend not to force the joints of joelhos.Isso caters for all variations, "he says.

"When it makes the legs adducted you emphasize the inner quadriceps: vastus medialis, adductor muscles and sartorius. When the feet are more closed emphasizes the outer quadriceps: vastus lateralis, abductors (tensor fascia lata) ", adds the professional.

Rafaela guides perform 4 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions with maximum load.

4. Bar with sink

Rafaela explains that this is a difficult to implement as it requires balance, however, is intense and works all quadriceps exercise.

To excuta it: "put the bar on the trapezius muscles (avoid putting on the spinous processes of cervical). On foot, take a step forward, keeping the back heel off the ground. An important tip is to keep the entire body weight on the leg that is ahead, which she is working, with the back leg just a support for the completion of exercise. The trunk should not keep too steep and curved. The posture should be maintained more upright as possible, but always maintaining a slight tilt to mark well the weight on the front leg. Perform flexion of knees and back into position again, "explains Professor of Physical Education.

The orientation is to series 4 replications of 10 to 12.

Other activities to conquer thick legs

5. Bike: to conquer thick thighs, this is a great activity. "Placing a high load you gain strength and, consequently, the effort is greater, increasing muscle tone," said Rafaela.

6. Football: this is also an excellent option to thicken the legs. "It is a very intense sport and requires a lot of stamina and muscle strength, which, in turn, tones legs," explains the physical education teacher.

7. Swimming: more activity that can bring great results. "When practiced with the board, the swimming uses enough legs to carry swimming, working the muscles and strengthening it," said Rafaela Martone.

Now you know several options of exercises and physical activities that can help in order to win thicker thighs. Simply choose your preferred option and always rely on the guidance of a healthcare professional!

How to create a perfect workout playlist in 6 Steps

workout playlist

Music and exercise go hand in hand. You can compare them to bread and butter: although they can exist separately, when put together, are the perfect combination.

Good songs, chosen with care, have the ability to completely transform a dull workout into something inspiring, amusing or at least tolerable.

"It's very interesting to associate songs workout because the person will associate something pleasant to physical activity, which, in a way, help to motivate her," says Samia Hallage, clinical and sports psychologist.

But, assemble a list of ideal music to accompany your workout is not so simple. However, a few tips can help. Check out:

1. Gather your favorite songs

Make a selection with about 30 songs you love with passion! Gender, age and time of each track can vary greatly.

"The rhythm of the music can follow the pace of the workout, but it is essential that they be songs that people like that are handpicked for her," says Samia Hallage.

Of course you should give preference to the most electrifying music, but the fact is that they should not all be "similar", ie, the same musical style. Because, a few minutes of your workout will ask for a "pause" and it is interesting that the sound you are listening Follow these moments.

The most important is you choose songs that "move" with you: they can make you want to get up and dance, scream of a mountain or even want to cry. It is essential that they make you "feel"!

2. Change the speed of the music

A cool tip that you can do at the time of selection, is to change the speed of some songs, so you have a different experience of what is already accustomed to hear it. The novelty has the power to renew your mind! And there are free programs available for download that allow you to change the BPM of what you want to hear.

3. Select songs beyond the training time

The total time of your playlist should not be less than the duration of your workout. So, make a rough note: I chose the 30 songs totaling how many minutes?

If felt necessary, add new tracks to the playlist! After all, everything depends on how long you plan to train and / or running. But, the key is that the duration of the playlist is longer than the duration of their activity.

That's because you can always jump straight to their range of cooling when you're ready to quit. But you will not want to cut the length of your workout just because you ran out of music, right? And motivation (in this case, music) never hurts!

4. Consider the lyrics

Not only the rhythm or music genre that matters. The lyrics can influence your mood. Songs that talk about things that you identify yourself have the power to serve as an incentive during the year.

5. Choose a song for heating

Select a song especially for start activities, ie to heat. It should have a moderate pace: but quieter than the nearby tracks to come fast enough to encourage you,.

That goes especially for you do not forget the need to warm your body.

6. Select a song to end

Book one or two quieter songs - but not stopped completely! - For the final minutes of your workout. It is essential that the letter and its rhythms are to your liking. It will help you regain your breath, while that encourage resume activities the next day.

workout playlist

For each activity a type of music more appropriate

It is essential that the person ride your workout playlist according to your tastes. But some guidelines can help! Below you can see what kind of music best suits a particular activity:

Cycling, jogging and walking: a poll by sports psychologist Costas Karageorghis, of Brunel University in London, pointed out that for this type of activity indicated are songs that have a time between 125-140 bpm.

Quick Race: the same survey found that the more intense the workout, the more should be stirred music. In this case, the recommendation is a dance music with 130-140 bpm.

Weight lifting: research indicates that most are more suitable rhythmic music and accelerated, with percussion or with a strong and well-cadenced down.

Now you have good tips and can caprichar in choosing songs for your workout playlist! After all, if well selected, they will motivate you more and more and let your physical activity more enjoyable.

How to have a perfect body? Ten recommendations

Do you feel happy with your body? What would you like to change? According to the book "The Three Pillars of Happiness', many people are looking for the ideal body not only to get better benefits but for what it means for our culture (self-control, success and acceptance, etc.).

There are limits to each agency and this makes many people come into psychological conflict. In addition, the rewards obtained at the end often are not as attractive as expected. In fact, serious consequences may occur during the search of the ideal body weight.

Therefore, Specialized Nutrition experts group offer you 10 tips that will be very helpful:

1. Choose a method appropriate to your person. You must consider your current body type, weight, body fat, inherited family history, physical activity, food preferences and current health condition.

2. Treatment should include the following: that every day you see better, you feel better each day and is easy to carry.

3. The goals should not be based solely on the weight. Shall be based on health, measures and the percentage of fat.

4. Small changes achieved great results. Remember, you better step it last and not get tired trot.

5. Set short, medium and long goals. Short goals you will see changes in the first month and usually should include kilos and centimeters. The medium should include improved health and harmony in the body. The long-term goals should include permanence and continuous improvement.

6. 's very important to take into account genetic , since it covers half of your expectations. Complexion not change as the proportion, ie, if you have shorter legs than the trunk or the neck is very thick and short.

7. Consistency is the cornerstone. Remember what Gandhi said: "The joy is in the struggle, the effort, the suffering of the fighting and not in the victory itself."

8. Choose appropriate treatment, serious and scientific . Your health goes through.

9. The more you move away from the ideal body, with effort and dedication, you'll see faster changes.

10. With only an hour to devote to your body, you will see amazing results once you identify exactly what you have to do.

Eight exercises that will make you lose weight and you can take anywhere

When we think of exercising our first idea is to point us to a gym. No doubt that is the right to train or at least, in which we place more facilities. But it is not, even remotely, the only one. The gym has obvious limitations : not everyone has one close, you need to work around your schedule and, more importantly, it costs money that many can not afford.

Training at home is the most economical and convenient option to keep in shape , but it requires great discipline. It is difficult to train alongside the couch and TV, we have to have a strong will to carry out the necessary training, but if we can establish a routine, workout at home shortly and we will remove just money. Besides, all you can learn to do pull it off anywhere, whether in a hotel or holiday park opposite.

What do I need?

To train at home do not need much, just a large enough space to not take a lamp in front of any room in which we fit lying and where we can stretch our legs. To be comfortable enough with a mat and of course, proper clothing for exercise. The remaining equipment is optional.

To stay in shape is necessary to practice aerobic exercise , the one that will give us problems at home. We can run statically, without advancing, alternating lifting knees to chest and heels toward your buttocks. Another option is to buy an exercise bike, more accessible and useful to have at home machine. And there's always the option to go jogging.

Aerobic exercise should be done before and after muscle toning exercises. If these are easier to make at home. At best, and if we are serious about this exercise at home, we can buy some dumbbells, with which we can work all muscle groups.

How long should I train?

Consistency is crucial to any workout, but if we do it at home temptations are greater. To achieve success we must train at least three times per week , for a period of approximately one hour.

How should I train?

Before starting the exercise routine is necessary to run or bike for 10 minutes. After that you can follow the next set of exercises. perform them correctly for the simplest is watching videos online. On Youtube you can find hundreds of how-to videos for each of the exercises. These are the most basic, but eventually can be incorporating many others. Between exercises should not rest more than two minutes.

  • - Squats (3 sets / 10 reps)

Stand with feet straight about your shoulders, your hips start to lose as if you were to sit in a chair. Bending the knees thighs must become parallel to the floor. Over time you can do the exercise holding a weight with your arms in front of chest.

  • - Pushups (3 sets / 12 reps)

Supports separate hands shoulder width apart and aligned with these. Now lowers and raises the chest while keeping your legs straight. Despite being a year we have all practiced at school is harder than it looks. If you're starting with training you can "cheat" by supporting the knees, but try to do full pushups as you start to improve.

  • - Lunges (2 sets / 14 reps)

The strides are one of the most complete exercises and are present in all workout routines. Keep a semi-squat position with your hands on your hips, and alternately forward again and leg. The front leg should never exceed 90 degrees and the heel of the leg should not be moved off the ground. Over time you can do this exercise by holding a dumbbell in each hand.

  • - Funds Triceps (3 sets / 12 reps)

For this exercise the aid of a chair or bench is needed. You put your hands on it and alienate the feet to lower hip flexing elbows. The exercise can also be done by placing your feet on another bench or chair and the best triceps exercise but do it only when you look ready, because if you fall you can be quite a shock.

  • - Arm Lateral Raises (3 sets / 15 reps)

Stay straight and raise both arms with weight in each hand. If you do not have enough cufflinks bottles, bags or some other weight.

  • - Chin or rowing (2 sets / 15 reps)

The back is perhaps the hardest part of the body workout at home. Ideally you should have a bar on a door with which to do pullups, more complete training exercises for the back. If you have a bar, or you can not install it at home, you can do rowing exercises. For this it is best to use a bench or chair, supporting one knee and with the other arm lifting a weight do pushups. This is the simplest exercise of rowing, but there are many others that you can learn over time.

  • - Crunches (2 sets / 20 reps)

Although we have all learned to train the abdominal traditional form now known that the best form of exercise is making these bike. Lie on the floor on your back, place your hands behind your head, knees raised and mimics pedaling a bicycle. Touch your left knee with your right elbow, then right to left.

  • - Stretching

After completing the exercises, you can take in any order, it is advisable to incorporate another bout of aerobic exercise, a must if you want to lose weight, it is the most effective type of exercise to burn fat. After that do not forget to stretch. You'll end up more relaxed and avoid injury.