The 10 largest and deepest hole in the world.

In this post we approached the 10 largest and deepest holes of the World , as of date. Most of them are artificial, dug mines opened in different locations on the planet sky, others correspond to a natural formation of thousands of years of geological evolution. It's really  hard to  enjoy this post, most of the pictures are really impressive.

1) Bingham Canyon mine.  Utah, United States.

2)  Burning gates.  Turkmenistan .

3)  Chuquicamata copper mine. Chile.

4)  Diavick diamond mine. Canada .

5)  Glory hole monticello dam in. California.

6)  Great blue hole.  Belize .

7)  skin Guatemala hole.  Guatemala.

8)  Kimberley bog hole.  South Africa .

9)  Mirny diamond.  Siberia .

10)  Udachnaya pipe.  Russia .

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