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How to Unlock a Car in 10 Seconds

Left your keys inside? No problem, You need just a shoe lace and handy fingers. Good luck.... Obviously this will only work with certain older model cars. Effective way to open the lock of the car with a rope. Try if you jammed lock. If the lock is frozen in the car.Proceed at your own risk. Do not try on other people's cars. 

Skagway, Alaska, United States

Skagway is located in a narrow glaciated valley at the head of the Taiya Inlet, the north end of the Lynn Canal, which is the most northern fjord on the Inside Passage on the south coast of Alaska. It is in the Alaska panhandle 90 miles northwest of Juneau, Alaska's capital city.

Bermuda, United States.

Bermuda, in full The Islands of Bermuda, also referred to as the Bermudas or the Somers Isles, is a British Overseas Territory in the North Atlantic Ocean, located off the east coast of the United States.

Elowah Falls, Oregon, USA

Elowah Falls, located at Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Bonneville, John B. Yeon State Park, Multnomah County Oregon, USA,Height: 228 ft.

Kings Canyon National Park, California, United States

Kings Canyon National Park, California, United States

Kings Canyon National Park is a national park in the southern Sierra Nevada, east of Fresno, California. The park was established in 1940 and covers 461,901 acres.It incorporated General Grant National Park, established in 1890 to protect the General Grant Grove of giant sequoias.

Kings Canyon's future was in doubt for nearly fifty years. Some wanted to build a dam at the western end of the valley, while others wanted to preserve it as a park. The debate was settled in 1965, when the valley, along with Tehipite Valley, was added to the park.

Kings Canyon National Park, California, United States