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Flying car

Flying car has been launched and will be available in the near future for everyone
Flying car
As you know the future belongs to technology and of course flying cars. Was recently invented a hybrid car that can run on the highway like a regular car, but to our surprise it can also fly. It seems to be made of the future, but currently is a new experiment that is called Terrafugia TF-X, taking first birth of a desire to avoid traffic congestion as possible.
Flying machine works with electricity or gasoline on the road when moving in air. Resemble the planes as pilotage is done automatically. As you can see in the pictures, the imposing machine has a white and attracts huge size by handling.

            Terrafugia TF-x can fly in a radius of 800 km. To ensure a safe flight are enabled wings like an airplane.

            It should also be noted that it is equipped with two seats and a top speed of about 222 km in flight / h, has a single motor and the cabin is unpressurized. The favorable, as the sources said, would be the driver of such a prototype would need approximately 5 hours to learn how it works. On the other hand, flying car will be equipped with a wide range of safety systems. Engineers say it could enter the market more than 12 years.

How to Build a motorized bicycle

The bicycle is an ideal vehicle for urban transport, but often requires too much of you. Is it better when installing an engine that complements your natural lifestyle, but practical.

How to install a bicycle engine

There is a new trend that involves placing a motor for bicycle, which are purchased at specialty stores, including workshops and attention devoted to motor vehicle sites.

To install it, choose a compact in size, lightweight model with adequate power and without exaggeration. Moreover, you can also use the system in a simple old moped (unchanged)'re no longer using and have kept in the back of house, using a small water tank for the fuel in a suitable size for mounting on a bicycle .

Clean engine and prepare it for installation, ensuring smooth operation and optimizing their autonomy. Place the necessary fluids and take measure of its size and weight, to analyze the exact site of placement in the frame of the bike.

Placing the engine in the bike

After a good cleaning, remove the rear wheel of the bicycle to place there the ring motor drive directly on the inner spokes of the wheel. Depending on the model chosen, at this point belt must also be mounted on the ring motor, as a convector wheel. Then mount it again to continue the installation.

If the engine is a kit, as stated in the instructions assembly or take your old motorcycle engine. Installs on the frame of the bike, on a site that allows a comfortable ride and a full pedal, without imposing in the middle. Set the engine to the frame using plastic seals, and for added security, set with adjustable metal clamps with screwdriver, or even you can take a few spot welds.

Most part already installed, disassembled the cap and belt connects the motor to be attached to the rear wheel, placing it between the gears and the bearing of the tension arm. Closes the system and adjusts all joints and screws, for safety and security.

Finish the installation by placing the tension arm on the handlebars of the bike, near the brake, on a site that will be easily accessible and convenient handling. This button or lever, the most effective models will have a system emergency shutoff engine operation, useful for these vehicles.

Different car insurance coverages

If you're thinking of insuring your car, you should know the details covering each type of policy.

Car insurance rates

Are you considering buying insurance for your car? It's a smart and cautious decision that we should all do as soon as it hits the car, even before removing from the agency or place of purchase.

Meet the packet types and its detailed coverage, and be sure to choose the most suitable for your use and handling.

Basic Coverage, Advanced Coverage and B

Basic insurance that our countries are asking to circulate the liability. This policy, called class A, covers the support for damage, injury and death caused to third parties and operate your vehicle. In some places the basic insurance must also include coverage for theft and fire all at the "moons" are added, ie, theft or breakage of the windows of the car, including the optics and mirrors.

Advanced Coverage : I Added to this is added, in a simple advanced coverage, car loan during repair of the insured vehicle, and mechanical and medical assistance to the driver and passengers while traveling. 
A supplement policy or a more comprehensive package provide mechanical and medical care in the city of the insured and against claims, including transfer cranes. services

Coverage B : In addition to the above detailed coverage, coverage package B includes the vehicle own damage and third. It can also assist in medical and mechanical issues, and adds legal services and procedures for loss or withdrawal of license to drive .

The most comprehensive policies will add legal assistance and defense of fines to the owner or driver of the insured car.

Liability insurance

It is a term that you should look for in the insurance policy. This product covers the damage we cause to other drivers or their vehicles, under our fault the accident. It may be included in the Mandatory Civil Liability, or supplemented by the Supplemental or Voluntary coverage. This item usually include legal expenses of the insured and insurance of the driver, while the product may be "expanded" or "combined", and in this case, covers damaged glasses, car theft and damage from fire and water, and even climate issues.

All risk

Insurance "All Risks" cover the basic coverage, third and third expanded, adding coverage for own damages, which may include theft, destruction and partial or total vehicle fire, combined with climatic, by water or other factors. This type of coverage can also include a "franchise", an amount paid by the insured person in case of disaster, with a maximum figure.

How to choose a motorcycle insurance

When we go on the motorcycle, take the speed of a car but with the lack of protection a bicycle. Hence the importance of having good insurance to support us in case of accidents.

Tips when choosing insurance for your bike

Driving a motorcycle is a pleasure, but twist the throttle with the backing of a package of appropriate coverage, is also a privilege we should all give.

Basic insurance for motorcycles

As is the case with the policies of cars , bikes have insurance categories according to the items that are included. As a basis, the laws usually apply for a liability coverage for any motorcycle. This is the kind of cheap and basic product, a legal defense in the event of their own or other accidents that affect you, it covers physical damage (bodily) and objects that could lead directly to third parties.

But comprehensive insurance should cover more than this, so you can move around the city without the constant worry. For example, the policy should also provide a safe driver, which adds to the liability coverage to a person or who ride the motorcycle in case of accidents. This item includes urgent care, transportation and medical care in office, by result of the accident, in addition to hospitalization and medication in some cases.

Comprehensive insurance for motorcycles

This type of policy is the most comprehensive, as it includes civil liability insurance and driver, and adds coverage for damage to your vehicle and the third parties. 
This package adds mechanical attention and spare parts, in addition to the transfer of the damaged vehicle and of those affected. Make sure it includes the comprehensive insurance coverage for theft, fire and total or partial damage of your vehicle and others, these are components of more comprehensive and expensive insurance, but the most suitable for landlords.

Coverage and analysis of motorcycle insurance

Before signing for the product, make sure all the details of the coverage. Check the geographical area of ​​action, especially if you tend to travel to other cities or countries, and also examines whether discrimination damages or accidents for various uses, such as running in city or off-road and outdoor activities or sports air.

When hiring a package of comprehensive coverage, confirms that the following items are included:

  • Liability : It should cover the damage or death to other people, their vehicles and their property caused by your bike in case of disaster. You can add the detachment of parts or accessories that cause damage.
  • Safe driver : Enables coverage to the driver of the vehicle, whether or not the holder.
  • Accessories : Includes protection accessories motorcycle casualties or theft.
  • Medical expenses : Similar to safe driving, this item determines the emergency medical care and hospitalization, and drug shipments for the driver and passenger in complete insurance for others affected.
  • Collision : Covers damage specifically motorcycle to be impacted by third parties.
  • Any risk : The most comprehensive coverage policy will cover theft, damage and fire all or part of the driver, the passenger, the complete motorcycle, others, their vehicles and their properties, without regard to fault or cause of the incident.

Choosing a Car Insurance

Do we realize the importance of insurance for the car until we have an incident. Better safe downs select the best policy for our case.

Tips to choose car insurance

Not only for law enforcement but for caution and intelligence to drive , you need to choose the most complete and adequate insurance for the car . In the market you can find a huge amount of choice when it comes to coverage and also prices. How to choose the most convenient?

Types of car insurance coverage

This is one of the most important factors to consider. In general rules for car insurance are classified into 4 segments:

Coverage A: It covers damage to third parties up to a certain amount, depending on the country and the history of the driver.

Coverage B: Covers theft, fire and total destruction of the car, plus coverage A.

Coverage C: Contemplate theft, total or partial fire, plus total destruction and the designs of coverage A.

Coverage D: includes theft, fire or total or partial destruction, in addition to coverage A.

Coverage area and application

The policies also find specifications on where the vehicle is used or what its function is. No insurance is just a salesman who travels the country, which for an urban car, even for one of rural labor. 
sure that you must know about this detail before choosing insurance, and also ask what is the geographic coverage of the service, and that many policies do not work if the car is out of the country or elsewhere, and those who take ignoring it only takes a nasty surprise in holiday travel.

Extras of insurance for the car

In addition to geographical and incidental coverage, try to know the services rendered well. Liability, complementary health care, mechanical assistance, crane transfers sections (and many miles), 24-hour personalized care and direct dial phone and a few more, will be added benefits that must be included in full coverage.

Can be somewhat repetitive, but before signing the policy, make sure that the insurance covers the driver and passengers of the car, other drivers (out of the holder and authorized), casualty and against them, and all additional services you prefer. The more complete will be the most expensive package will be, but you'll have fewer problems when facing an accident.

Analyze policies before choosing

These segmentations depend on coverage as indicated by law in each country and region as well as the services offered by each insurance company. You should analyze the policy to perfection before taking insurance, doing all the queries you want, although you think repetitive or forceful.

Do not take a product whose coverage does not understand or there is data you do not know, and always compare the offers of three or more companies before you make your decision, because you can lose opportunities because of the gold rush.

Tips for hiring a car

Before you rent a car, pay attention to some of these suggestions, so that you avoid problems and can enjoy the trip without problems.

How to rent a car

We all need at some point in our lives a car. Whether you run a small displacement or to take a well deserved vacation, a car that offers freedom of movement we all need. However, it is not always possible to have one property, either because ours have failed or can not use it at that moment.

To troubleshoot the occasional shift, it is best to go to the car rental . Through these services we rented a supplier during a specific time one of the cars in its fleet, which can be used to comply with a number of obligations on our part.

These companies usually have corporate websites where we can see the different models that offer even booking the vehicle

Tips for hiring a car

Before renting a car must follow a few tips:

Models . Depending on the characteristics of the trip will need a fairly large car, so we must ensure that the chosen company has sufficient variety of models.
Fleet in good condition . Safety comes first, and so any car is going to hire must have a good condition and have passed all relevant technical inspections.
Provisions of the vehicle . The model you choose should be provided with all the information necessary to deal with any eventuality on the road or, where appropriate, have a help desk.
Policy fuel . We must ensure that we hire the company possesses a fair fuel policy, so only pay for which we consumed.
Extras . There are a number of additional features that can apply to rent a vehicle, such as question one non-smoking. There are companies  have already begun to transform its fleet in a park smoke free vehicles.