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10 Useful Tips to stay in China

This article will save you from a possible shame or even humiliation. We present a list of 10 things, which in any case do not need to do if you want to get a good dating in China. Please read our advice and do not forget about them.

10 Useful Tips to stay in China

1. Never accept a compliment graciously

You may find yourself in an uncomfortable position when, after a compliment the hostess at the expense of a delicious dinner, and she in turn tells you: "No, no, you dinner was just awful." Or you can tell my mom that her son is very smart and handsome guy, and she tells you that he is stupid and terrible. But these people are not trying to be rude and discourteous, on the contrary they are polite and modest. The moral is if you want a better and deeper understanding of the culture, it is necessary to apply a little less boasting and putting their positive qualities on display.

2. Never place a person in an awkward position

The worst thing that you can do in China - it publicly humiliate, or make inhabitant feel uncomfortable. Having made this, you put a person in an awkward position. Never point out errors, do not yell at people in public. Although such a rule, I think can be attributed to any country, no one would have been nice if they were publicly humiliated. But the good news is that you actually can also help a person to acquire the respect of others, if the right moment to praise him. Your mercy is much appreciated.

3. Never get angry in public

Public displays of anger perceived Chinese disapproval, and this is embarrassing, what they may encounter, especially if foreign tourists are angry. Note that this behavior is directly related to the public humiliation of the Chinese, especially the owners of those places where you are, avoid it by any means. The Chinese are very sensitive to harmony, so you have to go all out to try to be polite and patient.

10 Useful Tips to stay in China

4. Never for the first time do not refer to a man named

The Chinese, like other peoples of the world, there is a name. But in China the first time people are turning it by name, and not, as we used to, by name. Family, exactly as the team for this nation takes precedence over the individual. For example, John Smith, who lives somewhere in Kentucky, in Shanghai will be known as John Smith, and if you came to Li Ming, then be sure to contact him should Mr. Lee, not Mr. Ming.

Unlike people living in the west, the Chinese not too feels comfortable calling each other by name. Only members of the family or the closest people ever addressed to the person by name Ming. However, before the Chinese name can be prefixed lâo - old  - old to show their closeness and familiarity.

5. Never take food sticks in the wrong direction

Next time, sitting down at the table to the Chinese hostess, you may notice that the spoon - it is simply non-existent tradition. This is because the Chinese table for all the food put themselves or others using sticks, you need to flip the tip down, and then just put yourself or others at the plate.

6. Never drink alcohol before, without proposing a toast

Chinese banquet comprises from 8 to 10 and serves meals and a lot of alcohol. Sometimes you drink rice wine, and sometimes Máo Tái, known by the fact that as soon as possible knock out a few foreigners. Easiest way to slow down is to watch the Chinese etiquette, which suggests that before you take a drink, a person is obliged to propose a toast. This not only helps you to not get drunk too fast, but so you still vykazhite helpful hosts. However, if someone says toast «gân bçi», beware.

«Gân bçi» means "bottoms up", so you will need to drink all the drink very quickly. But do not worry. In reply, you can always tell shuí yì, which means "as you wish" and make only a small sip.

10 Useful Tips to stay in China

7. Never let someone else pay the bill for him not poborovshis

Many western tourists are surprised getting into a Chinese restaurant and watching the picture of utter chaos and noisy scenes. What's really going on: it comes time to pay the bill and everyone starts to do what is expected of them - to fight to be the one who pay the bill. Chinese believe rigueur loudly and violently rip hand account of someone who he was. Such a spectacle could be delayed for a few minutes until someone wins and not pay the bill. Always appreciated your willingness and ability to pay.

8. Never come to visit empty-handed

Chinese often exchange gifts and not just on special occasions. If you go for dinner to meet with business partners, or any other pre-planned event, both parties bring with them some gifts as a sign of friendship and respect. Western tourists are often surprised by the number of gifts from the Chinese hosts. The general rule is that heading to China, it is worth to take a lot of small gifts with them. Never know where to meet someone who wants to give you small gifts, so you need to bring your own.

9. Never accept food, drinks or gifts in front of this a couple of times without giving

No self-respecting guest will not immediately accept whatever offer he hosts. No matter how you hungry, or thirsty, or you can not wait to get a gift - Chinese etiquette suggests that you should not show it, sometimes you need to abandon proposed.

10 Useful Tips to stay in China

10. Never take the phrase, "No, thank you" literally

The Chinese people have already developed the habit will be to deny you a few times, even despite the fact that they are very hungry or thirsty. Never be taken first, "No, thank you" literally, even if the person you replied failure several times, do not be lazy to offer again. Good guest should refuse at least once, but a good boss to offer twice.

At first glance it may seem that it is rather strange tradition. But think again, do we not act in much the same? Are educated people in our country will be publicly humiliate another? No! Have we come to visit empty-handed? I think that is very rare. And coming to her friend, just as we say a couple of times, "Oh, no thanks, I'm not hungry!" I do not think we will be too hard to follow all these rules, although clearly hear from the owners to compliment the negative response will be a little weird! But we are with you now know that this is normal. And what about interesting Chinese traditions and taboos you know? Share it with us!

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Thailand - Kingdom of astonishing beauty, where the colors of nature are mixed in an enchanting palette rich and diverse landscapes.
Famous Thai photographer Saravut Vanset (Saravut Whanset) invites us to make a trip to his homeland, one of the most mysterious and colorful countries of our planet. Focus not only people and nature. You will also see their interaction.

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Fabulously beautiful Thailand

Top 10 best beaches in Europe

Published rankings of the best European beaches in 2014. Top was based on studies of the Belgian Office European Best Destinations, dealing with increasing numbers of tourists in the European Union, in collaboration with an independent organization European Consumers Choice. Finalists chosen by online voting among Europeans.
The top ten ranking of the best beaches in Europe this year is as follows:

1. Best beach in Europe: Harbour Beach, Tenby (Wales, UK). (Photo: Matthew Hartley)

Harbour Beach, Tenby

 2. Second place: Praia da Cova, Sesimbra (Portugal). (Photo: Gerwin Filius)

Praia da Cova, Sesimbra

 3. Third place: Zlatni Rat, Brac Island (Croatia). (Photo: On The Go Tours)

Zlatni Rat, Brac Island (Croatia)

 4. Fourth place: Isola Bella, Taormina (Sicily). (Photo: Flickr / gnuckx)

Isola Bella, Taormina (Sicily)

 5. Fifth place: Los Canos de Meca, Costa de la Luz (Spain). (Photo: Javier Gutierrez Acedo)

Los Canos de Meca, Costa de la Luz (Spain)

 6. Sixth place: Grande Plage Biarritz, Biarritz (France). (Photo: Claudia A. Gamon)

Grande Plage Biarritz, Biarritz (France).

 7. The Vierge, Brittany (France). (Photo: Frédérique Voisin-Demery)

Vierge, Brittany (France)

 8. Porto Santo, Porto Santo (Portugal). (Photo: Aleksandra Uzelac)

Porto Santo, Porto Santo (Portugal)

 9. Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa (Cyprus). (Photo: Martin Wippel)

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa (Cyprus)

 10. Kampen beach, Sylt-Ost (Germany). (Photo: Andreas Zachmann)

Kampen beach, Sylt-Ost (Germany)

12 Reasons to visit Nepal

Reasons to visit Nepal

This Asian country is becoming a popular tourist destination due to its amazing nature and weight of the attractions. Visit here ecotourism lovers wanting unity with nature, finding peace and restoration of spiritual forces. In this issue we present a dozen reasons for deciding to visit Nepal.

Reasons to visit Nepal

1. Annapurna

This mountain range in the Himalayas, the highest peaks of which - the mountain of the same name, eight-, world famous for its hiking trails. In Annapurna certainly worth visiting lake city Pokhara, great natural beauty, to obtain a reputation of being one of the best mountain resorts in the country. Furthermore, in the Annapurna National Park and that is famous for its Tibetan temples, monasteries and hot mineral springs.

Reasons to visit Nepal

2. High Mountain

In Nepal, is the highest mountain system in the world: there are 8 of the 10 highest peaks in the world, and here is the highest point in the world - Mount Everest. All this natural splendor attracts mountaineers, rock climbers and adventure seekers people. Trekking in Nepal - the dream of every lover of hiking in the mountains.
The best season for trekking in Nepal are considered in March and April, when the time comes spring bloom. In addition, the high season starts in October, when it is possible to admire the autumn forests and clean air, and lasts until December. In the summer, go to the tracking is not worth it, because in that time the monsoon season.

Reasons to visit Nepal

3. Birdwatching

Fauna of Nepal is considered one of the richest in Asia. This country - a paradise for bird watchers as there are home to over 856 species of birds known to science. And almost 10% of the population of birds in the world. During his stay in the country in the dense forests of Nepal and on the banks of large rivers you will definitely come across the most beautiful birds of the world, among which are the redstart and Dipper and pheasant Dunphy, who is considered a symbol of Nepal and protected by law.

Reasons to visit Nepal

4. Adventures

Nepal - a perfect place for adventure seekers. It offers a choice of rock climbing, hiking and trekking, rafting, safari for wildlife lovers, ballooning, paragliding, bungee jumping and many other kinds of active entertainment.

Reasons to visit Nepal

5. UNESCO Heritage

In Nepal, there are four objects from the list of World Heritage Sites. It is an amazing place with a unique cultural and historical charm. You can visit the ancient temples, monasteries and other places of interest to fully experience the culture of Asia and the Himalayas.

Reasons to visit Nepal

6. Lowest Prices

Nepal surprisingly accessible. This is obvious if you compare the cost of hiking trails of Nepal with other famous places of mountain tourism, such as Kilimanjaro or Inca Trail. On average, you can live, spending on food about $ 10 a day. Quite decent and clean hotel room can be found for around $ 18.

Reasons to visit Nepal

7. Lakes

In the vastness of Nepal spread over two glacial lakes. And why should the sea when there are natural oases with amazingly clear water?
Numerous lakes in Nepal are known not only for its outstanding beauty, but also spiritual value. Lost in the mountains with amazing reservoirs of clean water are considered places of power, on the banks of which are going to Nepalese shamans, or people looking for sacred meaning.

Reasons to visit Nepal

8. Elevations

Nepal - the only country in the world where height differences range from 60 meters to over 8000 meters above sea level. This feature allows local relief a unique travel experience that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Reasons to visit Nepal

9. Multiculturalism

More than 35 different ethnic groups of Nepal called home. This means that in this wonderful country coexist set of beliefs, languages, cultural and musical directions. Nepal - a wonderful place where you can immerse yourself in a different culture and to leave the familiar comfort zone. Nepal - the only place in the world where people worship the living goddess - the Kumari.

Reasons to visit Nepal

10. Nepal Kitchen

Although the kitchen Nepal absorbed unique cooking traditions of the two neighboring regions - India and Tibet, Nepalese dishes tend to be more healthy, with plenty of lean meats and dishes for vegetarians. There is also often used lentils, tomatoes, cumin, potatoes, yogurt and garlic. And most importantly - is that you can eat for background on the amazing natural scenery.

Reasons to visit Nepal

11. Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and is composed of seven different "zones of monuments." These areas include the urban centers, with its palaces, temples and the oldest known Buddhist monument that was built in the third century BC.

Reasons to visit Nepal

12. Calm

Nepal was regarded as a sacred place for hundreds of years. Tranquility of this country will have a positive impact on anyone who is able to experience it. People, buildings and land - everything here is a symbol of peace and silence. In Nepal, you can really get away from the bustle of the world and make unity with nature.

Guide to Turkey: Useful Tips for Tourists

Turkey has long been one of the most popular destinations for those looking for a quality comfortable holiday. Today I would like to share with you the most important and useful facts that will allow you to have as much detailed information about this place. This article will also be useful for those who are going to go there on vacation. I hope that you will be really interesting, and you learn as much as possible about this beautiful country.

Guide to Turkey

Hours of operation

Banks are open from 08:30 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. Some banks in areas where most tourists stay, open every day. On weekends, most organizations going. Museums are mostly closed on Mondays.


The New Turkish Lira was introduced into operation from 1 January 2005. The old Turkish Lira (TL) was withdrawn from circulation Jan. 1, 2006. And now the exchange is only one way from the old to the new, while it will be carried out only up to December 31, 2015 at the Central Bank. 1 YTL (New Turkish Lira, TRY) = 1,000,000 TL (old Turkish liras). Now in use in Turkey there are banknotes of 100 TRY, 50 TRY, 20 TRY, 10 TRY, TRY 5 and 1 TRY. Coin has a denomination of 50, 25, 10 and 5, and 1 new kurus.

Currency Exchange

In exchange offices, banks or hotels can be exchanged for free without the presence of any commissions. It is easiest to change U.S. dollars and euros. Also, many banks have the opportunity to exchange British pounds and Japanese yen. The hardest thing with the Australian and Canadian currency, but not in the banks and official exchange offices in major cities.

Traveler's checks can be exchanged in banks only. To avoid additional costs, it is better to hand over their feet in sterling or U.S. dollars.

ATMs are not uncommon in most areas, you can easily appeal Turkish lira if you have Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, Maestro and Eurocard. Almost all ATMs have instructions in English, French and Turkish. Usually, you can take a day to $ 250 per day.

Card standards American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are widely accepted in Turkey, but with American Express still sometimes a problem (for example, Turkish Airlines do not accept such cards). You can easily take advantage of the loan on credit cards. Before you go to Turkey to find work environment with your card in another country with your bank, so you do not have any problems and for some new spending.

Exchange restrictions

On the import of local and foreign currency there are no restrictions, but if you really need to travel with a lot of money, you need to report it on arrival and enter that in the passport, to avoid problems on departure from the country. You can take a maximum of up to U.S. $ 5000, you will need to provide proof that you have removed the money in banks.

Travelers planning to change the money back into foreign, before fly from Turkey should keep all receipts and receipts obtained by this procedure to prove that the transaction is legally allowed and it was just an exchange.

Guide to Turkey


Certain products require mandatory controls on an importation into the territory of Turkey, to avoid paying customs duty: 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco and 200 g of tissue paper, 50 grams of chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, 200 grams or 200 grams of snuff; 5 bottles of 1 liter or 7 bottles of 0.7 liters of wine and / or spirits; coffee and tea within reasonable limits; 5 bottles of 120 ml each of spirits; gifts worth up to 255.65 euros; electronic products valued up to 255.65 euros.

400 cigarettes, 100 cigars and 500 grams of pipe tobacco may be imported if purchased in the duty free shop. The main list of goods that can be imported duty-free, you can get at the Turkish Embassy, ​​in consultation in the office of financial and customs consultant.

Logical to assume that drugs, sharp objects, weapons, and more than one set of playing cards on the territory of Turkey can not be imported.

Export souvenirs such as carpets, subject to mandatory customs inspection, which will emerge the age and value of this product. It is strictly forbidden to export antiquities, with more than a century of history. Also banned the export of certain goods that fall under the class of antiques, the basic conditions of this baggage you can also learn the Turkish Embassy.


For the most part you will find in Turkey European plug with round metal pins in 220 V and 50 Hz. Are not uncommon in the voltage jumps, so be careful. If you are traveling with a laptop, try to take a surge protector of the house.


Overall, Turkey is safe enough to travel the country, although many here might be indigestion. Yet it is desirable to drink only bottled water and a standard hygiene measures and nutrition, especially in July and August. Try not to eat in suspicious places and make sure that the fish or meat is cooked, it was really fried. Best to avoid shellfish and oysters, as they may be stale. Drink only pasteurized milk.

When entering the country you do not need to place any vaccinations. However, no harm will update the standard set of vaccinations against tetanus, polio and typhoid. Talk to your doctor about what precautions you best take. About malaria Do not worry, in the main tourist areas in the west and south-west of the country there is no risk of infection. The most dangerous is the period from May to October in areas Ukorova / Amikova and south-east Anatolia, Adana and Antalya.

Guide to Turkey

Health care is quite expensive and therefore not very popular, so it would be very good if you make a trip with confidence and travel insurance. It will cover the costs to provide any medical assistance. Most doctors and dentists are fluent in other languages, especially in large hospitals.

Turkey is well equipped pharmacies, however, you're still not worth the risk, so better stock up on everything you might need. Make sure that all medications for regular admission you have with yourself, and that you have permission from your doctor that you are using them legally.


In Turkey, a Turkish official, owns 90% of the population. 6% speak Kurdish, Arab favor of 1.2% of the population and most of them are bilingual, ie speak both Arabic and Turkish. Other languages, which also include Circassian occupy about 0.09% nationwide. This also includes Greek, Armenian and Roman spoken by Jews. If you are working with officials, you may need before the entire documentation.


Despite the fact that Turkey is considered a quiet country in the region, theft and robbery are not uncommon. You must be sure to take all precautions possible. For example, to carry money only under clothes somewhere in a safe place, for fear of pickpockets and other lovers of foreign wallets, especially in places that are characterized by a large crowd of people. For example, the main bazaar in Istanbul. Also be careful about ATM, beware of thieves.

If you are traveling alone, be careful when meeting with suspicious couples or even triples of people who are trying to make friends with you and offer a drink or a meal together. There are often offered drugs and rob foreigners. To distinguish a friendly Turk on anyone's mind that something was wrong, ask him to do it and keep the picture as a souvenir, and see how he reacts. Did not try out that offers you a stranger, since you simply can start allergy or poisoning. If he starts screaming that you hurt his generosity and hospitality, feel free to go to the police station or a bank where there is a guard to avoid anything serious.

As a result, the traditional gender segregation in Turkish men tends to believe that any woman, moves alone, may be subject to prosecution. But fortunately, in most cases to a "serious assault" is not reached. Of course, provided that you will behave and dress modestly, men will treat you very politely and with kindness. Wearing a wedding ring can be a serious reason for them not to touch you, will also help sunglasses that will not let you face looks a particularly arrogant and ill-mannered men. Unfortunately, many Turks are taking the standard polite smile for flirting, so be careful in the first place to themselves.

Pay attention to the labels on the restaurants, they have a special place reserved for relaxation and comfort women. Take care that they were written or Aile ailé Salonu - it means "family." In a society where some women run amok and booze is not recommended.

If you take a taxi, a woman in any case should not sit in the front passenger seat.

If you are traveling by bus, choose the empty space where no one. Often women have separate spaces in front of the cabin, you can notify about this. If no one shows you where you sit in any case do not sit at the end of the cabin. If it happened that you have faced harassment and molestation, Turkey is always about it will create the maximum amount of noise to attract public attention and embarrass therapist.

Social etiquette

Handshake is the normal form of greeting. Very rude to point a finger at anyone, poke someone in the toe or blow your nose in public. If you itch to clean your nose in public, try to leave the room and do it alone. In teeth can be picked only covering the whole thing by hand. Also, open displays of affection in public are discouraged.

It is very well developed hospitality, but visitors should respect Islamic traditions. Informal wear is acceptable, but the beach is only valid vestments at the beach or pool. Smoking is common, but not in the territory of cinemas, theaters, city buses or taxis.

Turks evince consent, that is, "yes» - Even, nod forward and down. Say "no» - Hahyur can nod up and back, lifting up his eyebrows at this or just nod without raising his eyebrows. Turks can also "tsyknut" to say "no." When you move your head from side to side, as if you say "I do not understand," "thank you" You can express lifted his hand to his heart and sometimes a little nod.

In big cities, you can take photos anywhere and anytime you wish. But in rural areas better to ask permission, especially if you want to take pictures of women who put on headscarves.

Taxes and gratuities

Turkey also has its own VAT, which is called KDV, it is usually already included in the price of most goods and services. This is evidenced by the relevant inscriptions on tablets places «Fiyatlarimizda KDV Dahildir» (KDV already included in price). Very rarely happens that KDV will add to the cost separately, be attentive to this. Many hotels and shops can offer you a good discount if you agree not to take a check or receipt.

Generally tourists can regain KDV when leaving the country, especially if committed serious shopping, for example, you bought a jacket or carpets. However, not all stores participate in this scheme, so you should ask the owners and their vendors. If the answer is yes, they take a special form, it will be converted into cash in the bank of international departure lounge at the airport or in other places on the border of Turkey.

The average tip here is 10% of the cost of meals in some of the more expensive restaurants you can take from 10-15% without fail, they will be included in the bill. In the cheap hotels and restaurants such as no one would expect a tip from you. The only thing that porters usually give 2% of the room.

Taxi drivers will be glad if you give them a little more, but a taxi with a fixed rate will not wait on you this. Be careful that what you're driving at, not to get into an awkward situation.

In the Turkish baths (Hamam) You can also leave a small tip.


Country Code: 90

Time zone

GMT / UTC +2

Daylight Saving Time begins on the last Sunday of March and ends on the last Sunday of September.

Guide to Turkey

Documents for travel

It is important that your passport be valid for at least another six months of your stay in Turkey. Also, you will need to show it when traveling as there and back.

For some countries, there is a special visa regime for three months, their residents to travel here, of course, much easier. These are Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Canada, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK and USA. They issued a tourist visa for three months at the airport, as well as they need to make a certain amount at the airport, depending on nationality. This fee must be paid in cash, allowed the following currencies: Euro, Japanese yen, British pounds or U.S. dollars.

All others should contact the Turkish Embassy for a visa. But remember that the visa regime can always be changed, so before you go be sure to ask about this at a travel agency or at the Turkish Embassy.

I hope very much that you were interested in so many facts about Turkey. Maybe you have something to add? Leave your comments below!

35 Useful Tips to Stay in Goa

No trip can not be absolutely perfect. There will always be things, which you will remember with bitterness for a long time after the holiday. We have compiled a list of useful ideas to help give your trip unforgettable memories. Of course, it's not all the tips, but this list will help you plan your trip and secure from boarding to directly resting on Goa. Though this place is considered reasonably safe place compared to other resorts in India, still better care of himself than to regret later.

1. Keep your money and documents (preferably wrap them in a plastic bag to avoid dampness) in a man purse, which discreetly fasten waist. Better and safer to carry cash in the form of traveler's checks, which can be easily exchanged almost anywhere. Credit cards are also practical. Money can be withdrawn at any ATM of the capital Panaji.

2.  hottest season in Goa - between October and January. At this time Goa is most crowded with people. Daytime temperatures are relatively not too high, but at night there is a pleasant coolness. This time of year is not as humid.

3. When retiring in Goa, do not dwell on the most popular beaches such as Calangute and Baga. There Goa and other relatively fewer beaches filled with people, where you enjoy the privacy. And besides beaches abound here of interest.

4. Goa Voltage 220 VAC, so we with you adapter for electrical devices is not necessary.

5. If you are traveling by train, do not leave your luggage unattended. You can attach a chain to the seat bags to avoid robbery.

6. Always carry a card for emergency ambulance, preferably laminated or plastic, which should be your name, age, blood type and other medical data, as well as a contact phone number of relatives (relatives) in case of an emergency case.

7. Trains and buses do not take food from strangers. This can be used to put you to sleep, while the stranger escapes with all your valuables.

8. Look for small hotels in many tourist places. In such hotels is more likely that you will treat this exotic local cuisine than mnogozvezdochnyh hotel apartments. But be careful not to drink the water from the taps in such places. Always insist on bottled mineral water.

9. Cuisine in Goa is not confined to the local menu. In most restaurants you will find everything from Continental, Chinese, Tibetan, Indonesian, Thai, Portuguese cuisine to Mexican dishes. In different places different prices, as, indeed, and the food quality. In most small restaurants dish of freshly prepared seafood, is likely to be the safest.

10. The first time you visit Goa, get ready for the fact that virtually all will provide you with sky-high prices since things of domestic consumption to price for a taxi. And the prices may still seem low because currency conversion. However, always check several stores to find the most reasonable price before agreeing to the deal.

11. Do not give money to beggars alms, the crowd which also increased in Goa over the last few years. Know that it is the professionals who had immigrated from the surrounding towns of Goa in search of easy money.

12. Please do not forget that the use, possession and sale of narcotics (light or heavy) is banned in Goa. If you are caught on a drug possession, you shining gift from Goa police of 10 years in prison and a fine of strict regime of Rs 10 thousand. There is no guarantee for drug offenses or exemptions in the case of good behavior, you depart daily from the received date.

13. At the most crowded tourist spots, beware shills who are willing to provide you on the spot all that your heart desires.

14. Try to keep your feet clean and dry, do not go barefoot, not to catch a fungal infection or parasites.

15. It is also prohibited to produce things of rare, endangered animals. Do not try to buy the street vendors or even in stores.

16. Seas Goa beaches are surrounded by wild, especially during the rainy season. The most popular beaches of Goa have lifeguards. Do not go swimming in the sea without permission rescuers.

17. During his stay on the beach, do not leave belongings unattended.

18. Nudism is prohibited on public beaches and in public places and is punishable by law.

19. Use mosquito repellant and mosquito nets to protect against harmful insects. It is also effective to wear T-shirts with long sleeves and long pants in the morning until the evening.

20. Your money, your passport must be securely hidden in the hotel at the reception, or carry them with you. Do not leave them in the care of strangers. In the case of loss of any document, please contact the nearest branch of the Tourist office or police station.

21. Goa sided movement. Keep a valid documents, driving license and passport while traveling. If you - a foreigner, when you should have international driving license. Follow all traffic rules to avoid any trouble.

22. In the holy and religious places, observe silence, respect, and style of dress. The most important thing - remove your shoes before entering any building of worship. Also, before you leave, would be a good idea to leave a small amount of money for the maintenance of the building.

23. If you want to ride the bus to Goa, get ready for a harsh ride. There is no precise timetables and bus stops are rare.

24. Always be ready to trade in the smallest places. During the rule of thumb is assumed 20% discount on any price, and be willing to pay 35-40% of the original amount.

25. If you want to extend your visa, please contact the Regional Office for civil status, which is in Panaji police quarter.

26. shopped at the Government Centre if you are interested in quality and reasonable prices.

27. the guide can also hire the agency, approved by the government. Be sure to ask him to show a passport.

28. Tourists who carry a video / photo camera, need to make sure it is permissible to shoot / photograph in different places. For detailed information, contact the State Tourism Office.

29. The beach read warning signs before you go into the water, and please follow the instructions on the signs. Before entering the water, ask a lifeguard and swim only at authorized places. Do not swim in the sea during the rainy season. Do not drive the car to the beach. It is prohibited. Dispose of all trash in the trash cans.

30. If you have to go to the hospital, insist on the use of sterile syringes and make sure you checked blood transfusions.

31. cabbies Pay per meter only at the rate card, which is issued transport management, it should be in the presence of the driver.

32. use public toilets, which are everywhere.

33. Do not agree to buy things from touts, taxi drivers, tour guides, or strangers.

34. Do not smoke in public places / transport. Smoking and spitting in public places is prohibited.

35. Do not settle for forced sex, as there is a high risk of contracting AIDS. And the disease is incurable.

That's all the main points concerning the safe stay in Goa. I think we should take note of them, so as not to spoil the impression of a holiday spent in prison in faraway India. Have a nice stay!

Blueberry Forest

In these frames no photoshop. It looks like one of the Belgian forests these days. This forest, as if descended from a fabulous illustrations, actually exists. He called Hallerbos and located in Belgium, near Brussels. The reason that the forest becomes a magical sight - a dense carpet of flowers bell. They bloom in late spring and early summer, filling the space Hallerbosa all shades of blue and purple. At this time, the forest becomes a place of pilgrimage for many photographers, attracted mystical beauty bells.

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest

Blueberry Forest