How to have a perfect body? Ten recommendations

Do you feel happy with your body? What would you like to change? According to the book "The Three Pillars of Happiness', many people are looking for the ideal body not only to get better benefits but for what it means for our culture (self-control, success and acceptance, etc.).

There are limits to each agency and this makes many people come into psychological conflict. In addition, the rewards obtained at the end often are not as attractive as expected. In fact, serious consequences may occur during the search of the ideal body weight.

Therefore, Specialized Nutrition experts group offer you 10 tips that will be very helpful:

1. Choose a method appropriate to your person. You must consider your current body type, weight, body fat, inherited family history, physical activity, food preferences and current health condition.

2. Treatment should include the following: that every day you see better, you feel better each day and is easy to carry.

3. The goals should not be based solely on the weight. Shall be based on health, measures and the percentage of fat.

4. Small changes achieved great results. Remember, you better step it last and not get tired trot.

5. Set short, medium and long goals. Short goals you will see changes in the first month and usually should include kilos and centimeters. The medium should include improved health and harmony in the body. The long-term goals should include permanence and continuous improvement.

6. 's very important to take into account genetic , since it covers half of your expectations. Complexion not change as the proportion, ie, if you have shorter legs than the trunk or the neck is very thick and short.

7. Consistency is the cornerstone. Remember what Gandhi said: "The joy is in the struggle, the effort, the suffering of the fighting and not in the victory itself."

8. Choose appropriate treatment, serious and scientific . Your health goes through.

9. The more you move away from the ideal body, with effort and dedication, you'll see faster changes.

10. With only an hour to devote to your body, you will see amazing results once you identify exactly what you have to do.

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