5 healthy foods to make in the microwave

Many people use the microwave to heat the food, coffee and little else. Others use it for cooking, but it has the mistaken idea that microwave food is not healthy for our body. Today we teach you how to lead a healthy food using microwaves for those not very good cooks or who, for one reason or another do not have an oven to cook.

Microwave meals: prepared and homemade

By general rule, foods that are already prepared-usually-frozen and heated in the microwave are not healthy. They usually have a low nutritional value, high in salt and often do not include many of the most healthy foods-such as vegetables.

However, we can choose some healthy and quick options Homemade allowing us to have a healthy meal, without wasting much time in cooking. For example, choose some vegetables, rice, pasta or eggs. The vegetables can be frozen-whether you buy the facts or cuts and peles own yours and freeze.

5 healthy foods to make in the microwave

Vegetables : Cooking microwave allows us to lose fewer nutrients than if boiled, besides being easier and faster. Ideally, we add a tablespoon of water and cover the vegetables.

Fish : One of the healthiest foods and has the advantage that it cooks quickly in the microwave: we just seasoning to taste, put in a bag to microwave and cook for a couple of minutes. The same can be used for soy burgers.

Scrambled Eggs : An easy and healthy way to add protein to your meals option. Put in a bowl a little oil, then the eggs and stir. Cook for a minute, stir, cook for 45 seconds, season to taste-test some cheese-and ready.

Fast Pope : Potatoes are extremely healthy-calories, fiber and vitamin C-, so if you want to cook them in the microwave you should prick several times with a fork and put in the microwave for eight minutes. The same can be done with the potatoes.

Healthy Snack : To make a healthy snack can toast nuts and shredded coconut in the microwave faster than in the oven and left with more flavor. Just a couple of minutes and you'll need a great to add to your cereal, yogurt or salads snack.

You think it's possible to have a healthy diet using microwaves ? For my part, I consider it a good option for those days you do not have time and need salvation, provided they seek healthy options.

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