How To Make a Baby Girl

If you want to get pregnant with a girl, there are small changes to make simple decisions for a woman to be the new family member.

Tips for getting conceive a girl

When pregnancy is planned, many couples also seek to plan the gender of your future little baby, although there is no scientific method to explain how.

There are many theories that try to help couples cope with this uncertainty, which explained from the diet that we consume to the temperature and the ideal position to achieve fertilization.

What to eat to have a baby girl

Feeding influence male body producing sperm X or Y (ie, girls or boys, respectively), but also collaborates with the metabolism of women, promoting the proper environment for the design of men or girls according to what we consume.

To help define the sex of the baby you can take the Baretta method . This indicates that the presence of minerals in higher or lower concentrations may tip the balance towards a more receptive X or Y sperm mother's body  to have a girl , the method indicates that you should limit sodium intake, and raising of magnesium and potassium.

Thus, to achieve a female pregnancy, for example, is recommended to consume dairy, apples, black beans, oatmeal potatoes, spinach, beets and green vegetables in general, while conceiving a male must consume legumes, nuts , fish, cold cuts and fresh fruit.

When achieve fertilization to have a baby girl

To increase the chances of having a girl , it is best to achieve fertilization through the Shettles method. This is to have sex three to five days before ovulation , and then refrain from doing so until well past that point. This is because the sperm responsible for achieving children are more nimble and quick, but also less durable, and perish long before the girls, who take their time to reach the egg and fertilize it. 
maintain intercourse before ovulation allows that at the same time, only "female" sperm have met their tour.

Temperature and correct position to have a girl

Temperature also helps to define in advance the sex of the baby . If you prefer a girl, man should take a hot shower, wear warmer clothes or spend a few hours sitting before sex. The heat benefits the X sperm responsible for training women, and give these sources of temperature before the event will be beneficial to have a girl.

Finally, the position during intercourse should facilitate a deep penetration not quite so prolong the journey of the sperm through the female genital tract. This will help the culmination of the life cycle of the Y sperm, leaving the end of the race to the X, doubling the chances of conceiving your little princess.

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