Diet for gaining weight

A weight gain diet involves not eating all the delicacies that have banned when we lose weight, but to feed properly a menu rich in healthy fats and carbohydrates.

Diet to gain weight the healthy way

Some people are desperate to leave behind those extra pounds that appear after the holidays and family celebrations. On the other hand, very different indeed, there are those who need to gain weight, increase your body mass , then your metabolism and genetic conditions demarcate one too thin body .

If you do eat pasta, chocolates, sweets and lots of fat, of course will end up gaining weight , but this is a little healthy your body fat level rise, which would leave you exposed to diseases and ailments of all kinds, mention you give an unsightly appearance with love handles on the sides of the belly and legs wider.

So the first thing to address is health. An increased intake of healthy fats and carbohydrates is the way to go, but always following a meal plan, accompanying fruit and vegetables, and under the guidance of your doctor or nutritionist.

Also remember that exercise is essential for a changing body, especially now that want to gain weight and your bones, joints, tendons and muscles need to give more support to your new number on the scale.

How to gain weight

Be sure to include all the food groups in adequate amounts, following the procedures of healthy cooking and accompanying abundant fresh water at every meal. You must make five meals a day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner, and can incorporate a sandwich more before bedtime.

While the recommendation varies from person to person, as a reference we tell you that the calorie intake for an adult and healthy body should be not less than the 2000 daily, and never higher than 2500, for a healthy diet.

For snacks and sandwiches, choose dairy products, juices, smoothies and nuts or granola bars or cereal. Eating fruits will also help you keep the high energy and well attentive, and will be a good decision. A good option is to eat a bowl of yogurt with nuts and dried fruits, such as bananas, pineapples or other.

Meals should be sufficient, not abundant, it is eating the right foods and regularized frequency which will help you gain weight, as opposed to just stuffing your face with greasy dishes in two meals. This is your opportunity to consume all kinds of delicacies: flour in breads and pastas, meats daily, potatoes and vegetables of all kinds, including sugars and sweets, always choosing healthy.

A healthy menu to fatten

Breakfast : Start with a dose of caffeine (tea, coffee), squeezed fruit juice, and bread with jam, butter or honey two to three slices. Bread can be common or brown, whichever you prefer.

Mid-morning : A simple but tasty snack, like coffee with toast, yogurt with dried fruit, cereal bars or two with fresh fruit juice.

Brunch : Integrate at least three food groups: starches (bread, pasta) with meat (beef, well cooked without too much fat) and vegetables or grains, in appropriate portions for each meal.

Snack : Again follow the health tips: yogurt with dried fruit, fresh fruit juices, coffee and toast or whatever you prefer, avoiding the empty calories of industrially processed treats and snacks.

Dinner : A hearty but light meal the better. White meat with salad leaves and dairy (cheese, for example, goes well with salads) accompanied by some bread, pasta in light sauces, soups or vegetables.

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