Stunning Indian climber is compared with Spiderman

At just 23 years, This South Indian athlete has-been nicknamed "Spiderman" or "Monkey Man" for his amazing Ability to climb walls in seconds.

You do not have a superhero costume, does not Appear in the comic and Also Relies on the web That Helps Peter Parker to cling to walls and jump from one skyscraper to another. But is flesh and blood and it leaves you speechless Abitur.

The young Indian climber Jyothi Raj, of only 23 years, using only the fingers and toes to cling to walls over 50 meters, without ropes or equipment, With One hand and sometimes in seconds.

It Seems incredible, but This impressive native of Theni in Tamil Nadu, southern India climber, was discovered as a child and athletically formed in Chamarajanagar in Karnataka, where I has-been affectionately nicknamed "Spiderman" or "Monkey Man".

Currently one of the Most brilliant climbers in the world and his exploits is to Have It scaled the strength of Chitradurga, a temple in southern India, over 70 meters high, plus some video where I can be seen climbing over five feet in five seconds.

Do not you think? See for yourself:

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