Dramatic rescue of a baby elephant after falling into a deep hole

The little elephant was rescued by passers Indian town of Assam, after he slipped and fell into a pit of mud.

He took a false step, fell and then starred in one of the most poignant images of India in recent times.

A baby elephant was rescued by villagers in Assam, India, then he fell into a deep hole with mud.

The shocking photographs taken by local, fully show the elephant sitting in the middle of the trench, covered with clay body, where it was caught by several minutes.

While some people began to feed the elephant, others began the work to rescue him.

The outcome was successful, as fortunately the elephant was not injured after the fall and was able to return to their normal habitat.

Such accidents have occurred at other times in India. In November 2013, a complete family of elephants was hit by a train in the town of Goalpura, causing great commotion and photographs mourned the world.

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