Exercises to improve circulation

Cramps, tingling, or cold hands and feet can be caused by poor circulation. Perform the following exercises to improve blood flow.

Benefits of good circulation

Encourage better blood circulation is only beneficial to our being. Adequate and copious irrigation to every cell of the body promotes nutrition, oxygen supply, and also assists in the elimination of waste and toxins. It brings vitality, energy, minimizes our predisposition to diseases, eliminate varicose veins and blemishes, and to improve our appearance.

Since they are all benefits, learn to enhance your circulation with simple exercises .

Exercise to improve circulation in the legs

To promote blood circulation in the feet and legs, try to lie down on the floor with arms stretched to the sides of the body. Flexing the knee, raise the right leg and make a 90 degree angle with your leg. Then draw circles in the air with your feet, five circles to one side to the other five. Slowly lower the leg and repeat with the left.

Then again raised his right leg, and this time takes the toes forward and backward ten times, lower the leg and repeat with the left.

Exercises to improve circulation in the buttocks

Still lying on the floor, turn around to be face down, resting his chin on the floor. Separate legs a bit and stretch your arms out to the sides, following the line of the shoulders. Inhale deeply as you raise your right leg, stretched, and hold the pose for a few seconds. Exhale as you lower to the floor and repeat with the left leg. 
Do it five times with each leg to enhance circulation to the buttocks, facilitate bowel functions, and also relieve menstrual cramps and pain.

Exercises for the movement of the pelvis and lower abdomen
Keep lying, face up and back with arms at your sides. With legs stretched apart and just inspires taut while you raise the right, leaving perpendicular to the floor. With your foot, draw small circles in the air, to either side. Exhale as you lower your leg and repeat with the left. Do about three to five times with each leg.

Exercises to improve the circulation of arms

Stand upright, with your back straight and comfortable, and right head looking forward. Separate legs to let the feet to the point of the hip. Breathing in, raise your arms to shoulder line to let well drawn, as if you were pushing the walls. Maintaining this position, turn the fingers in circular motions, without moving your elbows. Do it to one side and then the other, then repeat the stretch sideways. Exhale as you lower your arms and repeat alternating with the next exercise.

Exercise to improve circulation in the torso

Keeping back straight and arms at your sides posture begins to raise the right to leave it stretched toward the ceiling. Stretch it, like you want to touch it with the tips of his fingers. Gently move your hips toward the opposite side, feeling a comfortable stretch in the side of the back. Slowly return to starting position and repeat with your left arm.

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